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Hello Qlik Users!

I hope you are all having an amazing day!

We haven’t talked about a lot within the blog is Qlik DataTransfer. If you’re not familiar with Qlik DataTransfer, it is an on-premise tool that allows you to securely push your data to Qlik Sense SaaS. You select the data you want to transfer and Qlik DataTransfer will optimize the data, then send it where it should land. Set a refresh schedule or monitor a folder for changes to get the latest data.

You can download Qlik DataTransfer from your Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS or Qlik Sense Business tenant. Go to your user profile menu > Profile settings > Tools > Qlik DataTransfer.

Qlik DataTransfer.gif

Release Notes can be found on the Qlik Downloads page.

I thought I would consolidate a few resources for learning more about the product, installation, how-to and troubleshooting.

Product Information


Qlik Help




Support Articles


What other resources would you like to see created for Qlik DataTransfer? One user said they would like to see a Talk to Expert Tuesday session on Qlik Data Transfer. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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@Jamie_Gregory  fantastic little collection of resources. I agree, this tool is not that well known about and makes the difference between making hybrid deployments work or not in my opinion. At Differentia Consulting we showcased it on our internal Lunch and Learn session about a month ago. it already has made a difference to at least one of our client deployments.

Incredibly, Qlik has many aspects of capability that are simply not that well known. #NPrinting and #ODAG would be two other previous examples.  I suspect because typically they fall into the grey (light grey) of not really belonging to developers/engineers nor architecture/infrastructure specialists. Possibly something that analysts and application managers should get targeted with, to ensure that their deployment of Qlik uses the best tools and method. 

Keep up the great work.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@parkera That is awesome! Sounds like a successful Lunch and Learn!

We've had some feedback from the Talk to Experts Tuesday sessions that people would like a session on how Qlik products work together. It is something I would like to address as well! I will pass your feedback along as well and we will see what we can come up with!


@Jamie_Gregory Thank you for collecting this useful info about Qlik DataTransfer 

I like this tool as I'm trying to build up a demo environment for a customer interested in moving to Sense in SaaS.

The file transfer from a "Data folder" works just fine.

I also managed quite easily to set up a connection to a SQL Server DB and to define a data connection to some tables. However, I realized that, at least in the version I'm using, it's not possible to modify the initial "Load statement" if you had to add another table (or even a field) to your data set and you need to redefine the data connection from scratch. Such a capability would be a strong enhancement.

If you have any news on that let us know. Thanks in advance.



Contributor II
Contributor II

This tool is the main reason I went with your SaaS offering and it has worked well for me.

This post is a good first step but would like to see even more documentation.  For example, there was an update I believe in February and couldn't find any documentation on what was included.  After updating I found the behavior had changed with prefixes and it took a while to straighten that out.

I see another update but am hesitant to do so until I know what's in it.  Trying to search for that information is what led me to this post 🙂

Community Manager
Community Manager

@uligorio I am checking on that for you.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@steve_123456 Good point! The release notes are currently in the Downloads portal. You can find the February 2021 release notes here.  I will add this to the blog. RN's will be moving here, to the Qlik Community (no ETA), for just that reason - so you can search for them 🙂