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Analyzer capacity license is a consumption-based licensing model introduced in Qlik Sense February 2019 which allows a pool of user to consume apps by unit of time (unit is 6 minutes) without the need of having a license assigned to a user (named user).

When a user from the pool logs in the hub and opens an app he/she will consume 1 unit after 6 minutes and extra unit will be consumed thereafter in increments. For example: If the user stays in for 15 minutes, 3 units will be consumed (18 minutes) as a unit started is marked as a unit consumed.
No consumption is registered if the user is logged in but idle (not opening apps, sheets,...).

When all analyzer units have been consumed, no users from the pool can access Qlik Sense, until the monthly reset occurs. To avoid lockout, coverage can be added to the subscription. Coverage is a function that allows to buy minutes packages automatically when consumed, it can either be unlimited or with a defined ceiling. For more information see Page 2 under License Metrics Qlik Sense and Qlik Analytics Platform.

Here is an example of license with 1000 minutes of Analyzer Capacity: More information under Analyzer Capacity License 



Here is an example in Qlik Sense Enterprise on Cloud Services (QSEoCS): Some documentation is available under "Analyzer capacity (minutes)" in License / User Allocation



An access to the Internet is required to use this type of license.
You must have a Signed License Key (SLK) to replace the serial number (old license). More information under Licensing Qlik Sense for Analyzer Capacity

Differences between licensing types:




Analyzer capacity license and comparison with other licenses allocations and how to check usage 


Both the help file and your article speak of units of 6 minutes, yet your screenshot shows 1000 minutes.

1000/6 = 166,67... so I hope you see the confusion. Please explain. You get an extra unit for the price of 2/3 or something? Or are the units flexible in size?

Could you also please tell me the minimum Sense version that is required for this license? The links refers to April 2019, but I like to know the absolute minimum.


Capacity licenses do indeed come only in chunks of 1000 minutes, and yes that does mean at particular units, you end up with an effective 2-4 extra minutes per month.

April 2019 is the minimum version where you can see the usage of capacity licenses.

February 2019 is the absolute minimum version where capacity functionality can work, but it is far from recommended as you cannot even see the usage within the QMC in that version.

Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

@Andrew_Delaney "April 2019 is the minimum version where you can see the usage of capacity licenses." - is that just the basic usage as per screenshot above ? I would like to know the usage broken down by which user and which app and number of minutes consumed per day by each value pair. Any ideas or options ? Thanks.


@AndrewMcIlwrick - you can see most/all that info (in QSEoW at least) in the standard License Monitor app - there's a summary on the first sheet and then details on the "User Detail" sheet.

Remember though that Analyser Capacity minutes are used by a user session so it could relate to one or more apps and you won't be able to allocate the minutes of usage to a specific app - at least not easily. So you won't see that detail in there. 

Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

Sorry I should have said that my interest was for QS SaaS, and in particular to monitor the capacity license as it approaches overage use cases. And to also analyze users so that certain people can be recommended individual analyzer purchases. I have received a separate comm that this is not available for SaaS :-(.


Has anyone found out to find out which users are consuming Analyser Capacity minutes from Qlik Sense SaaS products? Currently the Admin Console just details the number of minutes used in total. 

As within the configuration of QS SaaS, if you do not have an Analyser nor Professional token, you are an Analyser Capacity by default, this info is needed. 

There must be a REST endpoint that details this? Especially as its available from QSEoW...!