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Hello Qlik Sense users,
We are pleased to announce that our latest offering, Qlik Sense September 2019, is available on our download site.  This is an exciting release for Qlik that continues to set us apart!  September 2019 offers a wide range of new capabilities such as:
  • The Launch of Qlik Sense Business - our new SaaS product, designed to empower groups and teams to operationalize analytics and make data driven decisions
  • Natural Language Analytics - full NLP (natural language processing) capabilities in the Qlik Cognitive Engine, supporting natural language search in Insight Advisor and other areas of Qlik Sense
  • Our newest product Qlik Data Catalyst for QVDs – a streamlined offering of Qlik Data Catalyst that is specifically focused on making QVD files easier to discover, understand and consume.
In addition , we've also made a number of improvements around advanced authoring, visualizations and mobile support, to name a few.  To learn more about what this release has to offer, please be sure to visit our Qlik Product Innovation Blog.  For additional details, including product defect fixes, please review the release notes here.

As always when upgrading any software, make sure that you backup your system and applications before doing any installation and follow upgrading best practices. Thank you for choosing Qlik software.
Kind regards,
Global Support Team
Contributor II
Contributor II


Upgraded to September 2019 last night and today users are reporting the  'An error occured Access is Denied' popup. They are able to click 'Close' and continuing using the app. Any ideas what causes this?  All apps are Migrated. 

***Update - after trial and error, found the error message disappears if I duplicate the app in the QMC and Publish the app from my work to the stream. No need to load data or change anything.  Poof, the error message goes away. 

***Update #2 - as more and more users are using the new version, have found that some apps require duplicating, loading data and republish to make the popup disappear. 


Hi ,

We are using April 2019 Patch 1, Some of our Ipad User raising the same concern, They are getting access denied error, but after closing the popup it is allowing them to open. I guess they are using September 2019 Ipad Version. Since we are not able to replicate the issue from our end, I am unable to open the support ticket.



Krishna Kumar S

Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

I had the same phantom access is denied popup occur with several published apps. 

LIke kbush stated - It wasn't showing in the copy of the app in my work section though, so I republished, and the pop up disappeared in the stream.  I also had to manually migrate apps in the QMC like others.