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Dear QlikView users,

This is just a reminder that support for QlikView 12.10 ends on 14 November 2019 in line with our current Release Management Policy for QlikView, see Policy Doc.   End of support is 2 years after the release of the next version, which was 12.20 - released on 14 November 2017.   In the table below, we highlight End of Support dates for QlikView versions for QlikView 12.X:

QlikView Version


End of Support

QlikView 12.10

November 2016

November 2019 *

QlikView 12.20

November 2017

November 2020 *

QlikView 12.30

November 2018

April 2021*

QlikView 12.40

April 2019

Not Determined Yet

We hope that you find the above information useful.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Qlik Support.


Kind regards

Global Support

* According to the published Qlik QlikView Release Policy as of July 2019.