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Digital Support

Launched Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Please Note: Known issues with the Downloads site are being tracked and we are diligently working on these concerns. Please first review issue status here: Downloads Site Known Issues Tracker - Qlik Community - 1894544


As of Tuesday, February 15, we have launched our new and improved Downloads Site on Qlik Community! This easy-to-navigate page will allow for simplified upgrade maintenance and help keep all product news under one roof.

For convenient access, just stay logged into Qlik Community with your Qlik ID. Then, on the Top Ribbon, follow the Support drop down to Product News and select Downloads.




The legacy downloads site will remain active through the end of the month in parallel with our Downloads page here on Community. After this time, it will be decommissioned, and all users will be redirected to our revamped page.

Check out our new look! Its complete with product filters, search capabilities, and the ability to view by your product’s “Latest Patch”.




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@Or the embedded Qlik Sense app is hosted in qlikcloud.com which is a different top domain compared to community.qlik.com. The browser will interpret the cookie to Qlik Cloud as a 3rd party cookie, and block it if your browser is configured to do so. There is not much we can do in the current integration to override this browser mechanism, so the best option I can suggest is that you add community.qlik.com to the 3rd party allow list. 


Thank you all for the feedback on the new download app! 

A new version of our download app has been released today, following the ideas and suggestions shared since the initial release.  

  • The filter pane sort order has been changed to descending for version fields
  • New "Search All" category to enable browsing through all releases in one table view
    • Added option to filter by released date over the entire product portfolio
  • New "Clear Filter" option to reset selection to the default values
  • Enhanced "Visibility" option has been added for easier filtering to most relevant releases
    • "Latest release and patch" only shows the latest release and any related patches
    • "All releases with latest patch" shows all releases but only the latest patch per release
    • "All releases and all patches" shows all the installation assets
  • "Latest release and patch" is selected by default, to give quicker access to the latest releases
Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

The scrollbar (if visible) blocking the view of the lowest line in the table is not that great UI experience ...
makes me wonder why nobody yet decided that this might need fixing in Qlik Sense in general ...

Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

+1 for "fetching the direct download link for an -exe is horrible, if you use the new download portal at the moment"

-> use github instead
thanks for the hint in the comments that this is an option!

Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

To clarify for the qlik employees who design and manage the portal how I (and probably other partners) are using the download portal:

When I need a specific download link:
~3% of the time, when I need a download link, I go to the download portal or community and browse/search for what I need right now, to download it.
~5% of the time,  is the case that there is a new release, and I go to the download portal/community, find the server+desktop+release notes links, I download them once, and copy the download links.
I put the download links into a version specific text file.
90%+ of the time, it is the following case: I need to update a customer server. I decide which version.
I go to my specific text file, I copy-paste the text file with the links, so the customer (or I myself) can one-click download the specific version that I recommended, in preparation for the update.

-> Which means: not having easy access to the exe download link makes things MUCH more difficult!
-> Which also means: not having easy access to the release notes as a pdf download makes things more unpleasant.


@john_oll we understand the use case for accessing the download link URL, and we are exploring better ways of catering for that use case.

I'm not sure about all browsers, but in Chrome you can Shift+Click on the link and it will open the URL in a new tab. Perhaps this can be a way to find the URL, while we work on find better UI option.