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Digital Support
Digital Support

We're excited to share the key changes that have arrived to our Ideation portal, which will improve our user experience, our efficiency with reviewing, and the scalability of our process.   


For those new to Qlik Ideation:

At Qlik Ideation, you (as a Customer, Partner Luminary or MVP) can vote for your favorite product ideas and suggest your own. All new ideas are reviewed by product management within 8 weeks of submission and consider all ideas for strategic fit. Product management also reviews hot and top ideas at the beginning of every planning cycle.


What has changed?

The Suggest and Browse page now has an embedded Qlik Sense app.

ideation landing page.png

From here you can easily:

  1. Navigate to the next sheet to search, filter, and engage with ideas
  2. Suggest a new Idea.
  3. Use our new dashboard to search and filter by status, product label, user, and more. It also enables you to vote for, comment on, or even indicate the priority of ideas you’re interested in, as well as track their status and subscribe to updates.


Need more information?


We're looking forward to hearing your ideas!