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Qlik Data Gateway upgrade REQUIRED by September 15 READ MORE

Hi everyone,

We are currently in the process of testing version 11.2 with Windows 8, 2012 Server and also Internet Explorer 10 with a view to introducing support (which may be limited) for the above in a future 11.2 Service Release.    Retrospective support in version 10 and already released v11 Service Releases will not be added.

We would advise users of Windows 7 not to upgrade their Internet Explorer browser to IE10 at this time.   Be aware that Windows Update may automatically install IE10.   Some known issues with IE10 include (use as a guide only, not an exhaustive list):

  • Color gradients in captions/backgrounds not working
  • Unable to move columns in table boxes
  • Scrolling issues in table boxes
  • QMC task creation dialogs not working correctly
  • WebParts do not work correctly


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