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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Qlik Users,

The February release of Qlik Compose for Data Warehouses and Data Lakes will bring about some changes that we wanted to make you all aware of in advance.

Compose for Data Warehouses and Compose for Data Lakes will now be combined into one single product, Qlik Compose! One product installation will now give you the functionality of Compose for Data Warehouses and a completely revamped Data Lakes module.

Here is the breakdown of what this means for existing customers that have one or both of the platforms.

Compose for Data Warehouses

As stated above, the product name will change from Compose for Data Warehouse to Qlik Compose. Due to the name change, please take note of some important changes and requirements:

  • The upgrade procedure will require an uninstall and reinstall. Please review the release notes (when available) prior to upgrading for further details.
  • There will be a new installation path by default.
  • The Windows service name will be changed. Any procedures that referenced the old service name will need to be updated.
  • The console URL will change. Any references/bookmarks will need to be updated.

You will also notice a change in the version numbering. With the newest release, the version number will go from Compose for Data Warehouses 7.0 (released in November 2020) to Qlik Compose 2021.2.

And the last change:  While Qlik Compose will come with a new license, the existing license for Qlik Compose for Data Warehouse will still work. Please see the release notes (when available) for more information on licensing.

Compose for Data Lakes

Qlik Compose 2021.2 includes the next generation of the Qlik data lake creation functionality. This brand-new functionality is only available as a part of the upcoming Qlik Compose, it will not be provided on the previous version of Qlik Compose for Data Lakes.

New Qlik Compose functionality includes:

  • Live Views to reduce latency and operational cost by merging the latest incoming changes on-read without running Qlik Compose tasks.
  • A new approach for handling file-based lakes that is computationally efficient and provides continuous availability of consumable data
  • Automated handling of Qlik Replicate table reloads for a seamless and integrated pipeline

The existing Qlik Compose for Data Lakes product will continue to receive updates for critical defects or security vulnerabilities. New functionality, however, will be provided as part of Qlik Compose and will not be provided on the previous version of the product.

Qlik Compose 2021.2 includes significant improvements over the first-generation functionality. In time, all existing customers should plan to migrate to Qlik Compose. Meanwhile, Qlik Compose can run side-by-side with Qlik Compose for Data Lakes on the same machine.  

All current customers of Qlik Compose for Data Lakes are entitled to migrate to Qlik Compose at no extra charge. Migration utility to assist existing Qlik Compose for Data Lakes customers will be provided starting this summer. Please reach out to your Account Manager for more information on this process.

Qlik Compose has a new license but will accept existing licenses for Qlik Compose for Data Lakes.

Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback about these changes using the comments below. We are excited for these changes to offer one cohesive product.

Thank you for choosing Qlik!

Kind regards,

Qlik Digital Support