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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello Qlik Users!

Don’t forget! Today at 10am EST, we have a Qlik Alerting session for Talk to Experts Tuesday.

We have a great panel that will be waiting to answer your questions! Joining me will be:

  • Nacho Bibian - Senior Software Engineer
  • Richard Byard - Senior Manager, R&D
  • Caique Zaniolo, Senior Manager, Product Management

If you are unable to make the session, you can still register and enter your questions on the form. We will still get them answered, either live or for the FAQ. You can also enter your questions below!

We would like to take this opportunity to get some feedback on this program. Are you finding the sessions useful? What other products or topics would you like us to cover? Let us know in the comments below or feel free to email us at

Thank you for choosing Qlik!

Kind regards,

Qlik Digital Support