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Hello Qlik Users,

Beginning on April 22nd 2024, Qlik Cloud will change how the font sizes for titlessubtitles, and footnotes are displayed. The change will carry over to Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows with its May 2024 release.

What is being changed?

Font sizes for titles, subtitles, and footnotes are controlled by either:

  • the theme, in which a customer can define a set pixel size (such as 16px),
  • or in the property-styling panel, where the same option is available.

The conversion factor Qlik uses at present is incorrect, caused by a defect introduced by a previous change in a base font type.

What does this mean?

Currently, we convert using 13 as a base when we should be using 14. This results in the font size being slightly larger than the one set by the user. 

The current scaling ratio is 1/13 * 14 =~ 1.077.

As an example:

The default theme Horizon, currently set to a 16-pixel default size, is in reality using 17.23 pixels.

actual font size.png

Why are font sizes being changed?

Since we use other technologies to embed charts, we don’t want to replicate this error across all interfaces just to get matching title sizes. This means that we’ll now fix this defect, and start using the correct font size.

When will font sizes be changed?

The fix is planned for Qlik Cloud on April 22nd 2024.

Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows will receive the fix in its May 2024 release. 

How exactly will this affect me?

After the fix is deployed, the text in titles, subtitles and footnotes will appear smaller (about 93% of the current size), reverting to the intended size set by the user or the theme developer.

Since this will free up a small amount of space inside each object area, charts and graphics will become slightly bigger. 

In rare scenarios, the resulting expansion might result in a different look for charts, where certain features (like labels or legends) appear, move or disappear due to the reaching of specific visual breakpoints. 

What do I need to do to benefit from this change?

No action is required for Qlik Cloud users. This change will automatically be applied to all the dashboards at the time of deployment. Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows users will need to see their platform being upgraded to May 2024.

Can I preview the changes?

A preview is not possible before the deployment on April 22nd.


We're available for questions if needed! As always, thank you for choosing Qlik,
Qlik Support

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