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Digital Support

This is our second monthly Qlik Data Integration newsletter. Each month, we cover one endpoint and share our top resources, best practices, release updates and upcoming webinars.

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Resource Highlights


(Update) Book your calendar for the upcoming Q&A with Qlik: New to Qlik Cloud Q&A session scheduled for August 15th at 10:00 AM EDT. It is a live Q&A session with a panel of Qlik experts. Bring your questions, and we do our best to answer them. 


Explore Qlik Support's recorded Techspert webinar series on-demand or visit our YouTube Channel to discover more!


Knowledgebase Articles

Retiring Qlik Replicate Endpoints

As of July 31st, 2023, the following endpoints will be retired:

Source Endpoints:

  • HP Non-Stop Source
  • Open VMS RMS Source
  • Hadoop Source

Target Endpoints:

  • MapR Target
  • MapR Streams Target
  • MS APS PDW Target
  • SAP Sybase IQ Target
  • HP Vertica Target
  • Actian Vector Target
  • Netezza Target
  • Pivotal Greenplum Target

See Retirement for Specific Qlik Replicate Endpoints for details.

Analyze Qlik Replicate Logs 

An evergreen pair of articles helps you read and analyze Qlik Replicate log files:

How to analyze a Qlik Replicate log
List of the error types in Qlik Replicate


Endpoint Spotlight: SQL Server

Find our latest knowledge base articles for SQL Server endpoints. 

New Issues Reported



Release Updates


Qlik Replicate May 2023 SP1

Type: Issue

Component/Process: Microsoft Azure SQL (MS-CDC) and Microsoft SQL Server (MS-CDC) targets

Description: The task would fail when DB_ID() returned a different value than database_id in sys.databases. The issue was resolved using an internal parameter.


Type: Issue

Component/Process: Microsoft SQL Server Source

Description: An online transaction log is read sometimes slow, add an internal property to control the number of rows being read in one request.


Type: Issue

Component/Process: SQL Server Source

Description: sp_repldone truncation prevention does not work with specific collation


Type: Issue

Component/Process:  Transformation

Description: A transformation expression that separates keywords by a new line, cannot be executed causing SQLite errors.


Type: Issue

Component/Process: MySql Source

Description: When NOT NULL column is defined as AUTOINCREMENTED, it is exposes as NULLABLE.


Type: Issue

Component/Process: MySQL Source

Description: When replicating a high volume of data, starting the task or retrieving the table list would take an excessively long time or get stuck. The issue was resolved using an internal parameter.




Qlik Replicate August 2023 SR

  • New Confluence Endpoint (based on Kafka)

Qlik Replicate November 2023 IR

New Releases

(Updated) Available on the Download Page 

  • Qlik Replicate 2022.11 SP06
  • Qlik Enterprise Manager 2022.11 SP06


Qlik Data Integration Product End of Life Versions 

Qlik Release Qlik Replicate / Enterprise Manager End of Support Date Qlik Compose End of Support Date
February 2021 November 2020 SR1 November 2022 February 2021  February 2023
May 2021 May 2021  May 2023 May 2021 May 2023
August 2021 May 2021 SR1 May 2023 August 2021 August 2023
November 2021 November 2021 November 2023 November 2021 November 2023


For more information, see Qlik Product Lifecycles.

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