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Qlik Data Gateway upgrade REQUIRED by September 15 READ MORE
Former Employee
Former Employee
Hello All Qlik Customers,
This is quite an exciting day in the world of Qlik releases.  We are pleased to announce that we have released new versions of Qlik Sense, Qlik Sense Mobile and NPrinting.

Qlik Sense February 2019 - the latest feature release for Qlik Sense.  New features including:
  • Single Page Application Flow
  • Dollar-sign expansion preview
  • The Visualization Bundle
  • Plus a number of product defect fixes
Qlik NPrinting February 2019 - the latest feature release for NPrinting. New features including:
  • Image management
  • Variables in Emails
  • Improved admin controls
  • Several product defect fixes

Qlik Sense Mobile February 2019 
  • Android Mobile App
  • Mobile Mash-up Advancements
  • Intune EMM support
All of these releases (except for Mobile) are available on our download site.   Qlik Sense Mobile can be found in the Apple Store and Google Play.  For additional information please see the attached release notes.  
As always when upgrading any software, make sure that you backup your system and applications before doing any installation and follow upgrading best practices. Thank you for choosing Qlik software.
Kind regards
Global Support Team
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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Dear Qlik team:


I am installing the Sept 2019 release, and I am getting the below errors. My tech team at Iptor tells

me, there are no flags or anything else blocking the hub server engine. Please advise.

Thank you.

 Engine: ibsdemo06

 The connection parameters are formally valid.
 The QRS is reachable at the port 4242 of the "Proxy Address".
 Installed certificates are valid to connect to Qlik Sense.
 The http/https protocol in the Proxy address is correct.
 The "Identity" and the Qlik NPrinting Engine service account are a Windows domain user.
 Get the version from QRS on the "Proxy Address".
 Get ProxyId from QRS on the "Proxy Address".
 Get a list of all apps from QRS on the "Proxy Address".
 Get App information from QRS on the "Proxy Address" for the "Sense App ID".
 The "Proxy Address", "Sense App ID" and "Identity" can be used for a connection to a Qlik Sense Engine.
 All Qlik Sense engines are reachable from the Qlik NPrinting Engine computers.
 Lookup the Qlik Sense Proxy port from QRS on the "Proxy Address".
 The Qlik Sense Proxy port is reachable on the "Proxy Address".
 Perform a GetTicket request to the Qlik Sense Proxy on the "Proxy Address".
 Qlik NPrinting webrenderer can reach Qlik Sense hub

Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Hi Craig,

Please share the logs of below services.

  • Engine
  • Proxy

please refer attached article for installation check list and log.

Checklist for Qlik Sense Installations

Install or Upgrade Qlik Sense Enterprise

How to turn off IPV6

Collecting QS Log Files

How To Collect Qlik Sense Log Files

How To Enable/Disable Centralize Logging Mode

I hope this will help.


Daya Jha