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Hello Qlik Users!

June brings new releases for:

  • Qlik Sense
  • Qlik Insight Bot
  • Qlik NPrinting
  • Qlik Alerting
  • Qlik Replicate
  • Qlik Data Catalyst
  • Qlik Compose for Data Lakes
  • Qlik Compose for Data Warehouses 
  • Qlik Enterprise Manager 

Here are some of the highlights and Release Notes:

Qlik Sense June 2020 This release includes new visualizations, like Sparkline Chart, a new Bullet Chart, improvements to the Org chart and a lot more. Check out the recording from Mike Tarallo.

The use of Dynamic Views has been simplified with easier bindings and templates as well as the possibility to load test data in template apps and turn off services in the load script.

Other interesting news for Qlik Sense includes QMC Filters, Advanced LDAP to support Multi Domain setups and support for additional languages for NLP (cloud). Qlik Sense Desktop can now be unlocked against SaaS editions (Business/Enterprise) of Qlik Sense.

Check out the Help site for more information on the features. For resolved issues, please see the Release Notes

Qlik Insight Bot June 2020 Now Supports 3rd party APIs. Changes will need Services engagement.

Qlik NPrinting June 2020 Added support for Custom Themes to be used in reports as well as the possibility to delete reports in NewsStand Please review the Release Notes for more information on the new features and fixes.

Qlik Alerting June 2020 Will enable the use of Qlik Licensing as well as support. The June release also includes support for Internet Explorer, extended security configuration and external database connection settings. Check out the Release Notes for more information and do not lose the opportunity to attend our next  STT presentation  on Qlik Alerting.

Qlik Replicate Has as new feature Snowflake for Google as a target Endpoint, PostgreSQL as a Source and Target, and the maximum number of tables that can be selected has been increased from 10,000 to 50,000 for Qlik Replicate. Please see the Release Notes.

Qlik Data Catalyst With Data Catalyst there is now support for Keycloak Identity Provider, and mapping for Qlik Data Catalyst and Qlik Enterprise Management Objects. Please see the Release Notes.

Qlik Compose for Data Lakes Improved performance and a newly supported hive distribution which is Databricks on AWS. Another change was signing certificates for Windows binaries that were changed to Qlik certificates.Please see the Release Notes.

Qlik Compose for Data Warehouses Qlik Compose for Data Warehouses release includes new features and improvements. Some of the major features are there is now Data Mart Creation in Snowflake, Newly Supported Data Warehouse for Snowflake on Google Cloud, and Migration of project objects with compare and apply.Please see the Release Notes.

Qlik Enterprise Manager Please see the Release Notes.

The June 2020 releases are now available on the Qlik download site. As with all software, please follow best practices when upgrading by backing up your Qlik Sense or Qlik NPrinting environment and testing the patch in a QA environment first. For Qlik Sense upgrades, please check out the Qlik Sense Upgrade Guide for helpful tips.

Be sure to subscribe to the Qlik Support Blog by clicking the green Subscribe button to stay up-to-date with the latest releases.

Thank you for choosing Qlik!

Kind Regards,

Qlik Global Support

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