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Digital Support

We are excited to announce that Qlik Reporting Service is now available!  Qlik Reporting Service is the public Reporting API that delivers custom Qlik multi-sheet report outputs for integrated and bursted use cases. Optimally used with Qlik Application Automation, reporting processes can be defined to deliver reports to any analytics stakeholder.

By utilizing business process automation and low code/no code development, IT organizations can now quickly assemble, automate and accelerate bursted report distribution of their Qlik Sense application insights through a wide variety of cloud storage connectors. The automation of the reporting distribution process effortlessly expands analytics reach, decreasing repetitive programming tasks, freeing up key resources and delivering time to value. 

Qlik Reporting Service provides the following benefits to our customers: 

Automation. IT reporting teams will ensure consistency and speed, improve productivity and time to value for report management and distribution by using dynamic task configurations and templates in a low code/no code environment to define and automate each business process step. 

Connect and Deliver: Reporting teams can easily access a diverse multi-channel delivery capability through cloud storage connectors such as Goggle Cloud Storage, Dropbox, Amazon S3 and more.  

Extend Analytics: Customers can now expand the reach of their Qlik Sense apps’ analytical insights to any team member and beyond into their larger ecosystem of partners, suppliers, distributors and more. 


Get Started Tutorial here!

Qlik Reporting Service, a new approach to report distribution in the cloud.


Engage with our experts and ask questions in our support portal or Qlik Sense product Forum. 

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