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Digital Support
Digital Support

Journey across our 4 C’s to resolve issues faster, easier, and digitally.

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Explore our expansive knowledgebase with official How-To guides for self-service resources at hand. For quick solutioning, our Qlik Fix videos walk you through our top troubleshooting tips. You can even join in on the conversation, by bringing your questions to our live expert-lead webinars!




Communicate with contributors across various product forums and industry lead groups. Our Support team is active across the Qlik Community network, helping to provide direction and clarity.



Feeling stuck? We want to get you back to your active insights in no time! Contact Support through our chat, available on every Qlik Community Support Page, where our bot will provide automatic answers to common questions or connect you to a live agent who’s ready to jump in and troubleshoot product or account related issues in real time.Katie_Davis_2-1670433080278.pngAnd now, by chatting with us, we can even open a support case for you!  Just answer our step-by-step intake questions and be sure to be logged into Qlik Community with your Qlik account.



Coming December 12, 2022, we’ll have a dedicated intake flow where you can alert us of your high severity issues. With our Critical Support alert button, we can quickly assess and document the incident at hand and an agent will be in direct contact within 30 minutes, 24/7.


Got questions on navigating Support resources? Join our Q&A with Qlik on December 13, 2022, to ask us in person...virtually that is.



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