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Creator II
Creator II

How to use vizlib cards to display images for each record in the data

Hello Experts,

Do we have example that shows  how to use vizlib cards to display images for each record in the data? In my use case I have  >5k records and each record has http link of image in  one of the column, say Image_Link column. When I am trying to display the images using Climber Cards, it asks for dimension and measure. I gave id column in dimension but I am not sure what should I provide in measure field and how will it render images for each of the records?
Any idea is appreciated.

Thank You,


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Creator II
Creator II

I have already checked the below link:


I have provided id as first dimension, image column (containing http link to image) as second dimension and record name as third dimension. When I save the Qlik App, the card display Incomplete visualization.


Hi Pooja,

You do need a measure for this. Commonly, this is something that can be aggregated to help sort the table of images. In our example case, we're showing a list of movies and their IMDB ratings:





One other thing would be to check if the URL handler of the images HTTPS or HTTP matches the handler of the Qlik Sense Server. Often browsers will not like secure and unsecure (HTTP) content on the same page. 

Further issues, contact Vizlib Support here:
 2020-01-09 20_29_05-Vizlib – Value-Added Extension Products for Qlik Sense.png



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