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How to visualize processes in Qlik Sense?

Do you miss the process visualization in Qlik Sense? Do you generate many KPIs and still miss the context of the process? How do you identify bottlenecks in your process? Going through different sheets and apps, analyzing data, taking screenshots, and creating a presentation or Qlik story is no more the easiest way 😉.

Support ticket process connected with penalties.Support ticket process connected with penalties.Up-to-date patient flowUp-to-date patient flowManagerial overview of process across different departmentsManagerial overview of process across different departments


Let me introduce you Inphinity Flow – a revolutionary Qlik native extension for process visualization. Inphinity Flow allows you to add the context of the process to your analytics:

For the end-user, it's like a Qlik native object:

✔ you can click on nodes and select them

✔ zoom in and out the same way as in the map object

✔ when you make selections in other visualizations associated nodes and lines are filtered or highlighted

✔ integrated power of gray - highlight selected parts of the process without losing the context of the process - the same approach as you know from Qlik filter object


For the developer, it's like a Qlik native object:

✔ the only source of data is a data model (it's only up to you where it originally comes from)

✔ all settings are in a properties panel

✔ use expressions for all parameters to do the Qlik magic



You can be creative and use it for hierarchy visualization instead...


...or integrate it with the write-back extension to draw the process directly in Qlik Sense! 


Where to find more information?

official webpage (including a trial): https://www.myinphinity.com/inphinity-flow/

✔ demo apps you can try & download: https://demo.myinphinity.com/

✔ video inspiration: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkPAHCuzC2wdb6d0CbDbGyQ 


Enjoy data analytics 😎

Maria Inphinity Sandorova

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