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BizView and Qlik - partnership and integrations overview

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BizView and Qlik - partnership and integrations overview


BizView is one of the leading systems for planning, forecasting, budgeting, reporting, analytics, and consolidation. With adaptable features and powerful workflow management, users at all levels in the organization can participate in the planning and reporting process. BizView is an open solution that also fits well with Qlik’s business intelligence offerings. Therefore, Qlik customers can complement their existing BI solution with a complete planning and reporting solution. Companies of all sizes worldwide use BizView to improve their processes and business results. Our mission is to deliver planning and reporting, the way our customers want it. Faster. We always strive to deliver adaptable solutions, exceptional quality and greater speed to our customers.

BizView is developed and marketed by Bizview Systems with offices in Scandinavia and is marketed outside Scandinavia by partners.

 Links to web site and offerings

http://www.bizviewsystems.com/  - our main web site
http://www.bizviewsystems.com/products/bizview-for-qlikview/  - product pages
http://www.bizviewsystems.com/sv/bizview-the-movie/  - marketing movie

Videos (pwd: bizview4U)
http://www.screencast.com/t/NvnLGu5WyABM - BizView for Qlik brief demo
http://www.screencast.com/t/PPwqxUdUC1dn - BizView for Qlik Integrations

BizView links on Qlik Portals
https://market.qlik.com/solutions/BizView_for_Qlik_Sense - BizView for Qlik Sense
https://market.qlik.com/solutions/BizView_for_QlikView - BizView for QlikView
https://gateway.on24.com/wcc/gateway/qliktechpartnerenabl/1362725/1849620/bizview-performance-manage...  - BizView Fast Track Enablement recorded webinar

 Deployment model and licensing information

 BizView is marketed through our global partner network. Partners sell and implement BizView in their markets to their customers. For all new partners, or by choice, BizView is involved in the implementation process. The extent varies on the individual partner. We also have a few Key Clients that we handle directly.

The license for BizView has two models:

Perpetual – Initial License Fee + Yearly License Maintenance Fee
Subscription – Monthly per Client + Per User License Fee

Qlik partnership

Bizview decided to apply for the Qlik partnership (Qlik Global Technology Partner) after a longer period of increasing demand from the global Qlik partner and customer network. We received more and more requests for a planning and performance management complement to Qlik. Our partnership with Qlik strengthens our offering and credibility as providers of much-needed functionality to complement Qlik BI solutions. BizView value the partnership for several reasons; it gives us the validation from the technical reviews that we are doing the things and make the right priorities in our product, it gives us an additional important marketing channel, and it helps us to reach potential partners and customers. And last but not least, we get the opportunity to collaborate with one of the best BI solutions companies in the world. We are happy to say, that the Qlik representatives and technicians we have worked with during this process, also say that BizView is a good fit for the Qlik customers.

Bizview for Qlik integrations

One of the strongest reasons for Bizview Systems’ success in the Qlik segment, together with partners and customers, is the state-of-the-art integrations that we have developed between BizView and Qlik. BizView complements QlikView and Qlik Sense with a tightly integrated software for all kinds of input: budgeting, forecasting, data Management, KPI Management, and other planning. Customers get a seamlessly integrated planning software to complement their existing BI solution. Standardized integrations from and to QlikView / Qlik Sense and BizView, as well as application end-user interface integration.

Data integrations

  • Qlik Sense API Plugin - BizView has a ready to use Qlik Sense API Plugin that enables integrations to and from Qlik Sense.
    • BizView => Qlik Sense
      When updating Budget / Forecast / Planning data in BizView, the plugin instantly refreshes any Qlik Sense model reflecting the budget change instantly in the Qlik Dashboard.
    • Qlik Sense => BizView
      Fetch and refresh data from any Qlik Sense table instantly, scheduled, or triggered ad-hoc by the end user in BizView. Common use cases are loading dimensions, structures, and actuals from Qlik Sense to BizView.
  • CSV File Plugin – BizView have a ready to use data integration plugin for picking up and inserting data from a QlikView / Qlik Sense exported CSV files if needed
  • BizView API interface - in Qlik, you can pick up BizView planning data using our BizView API interface.
  • BizView Extract Procedure – BizView also have a SQL Stored Procedure interface that any external system can call for fetching BizView data.

End User Integrations

  • Qlik Sense Extension – run any part of the BizView system inside Qlik Sense using the BizView Qlik Sense Extension. Together with the Qlik Sense API Plugin connectivity, you will have a seamless solution with your Qlik Sense BI and BizView Performance Management capabilities, truly embedded in the same user experience.


  • QlikView or Qlik Sense embedded in BizView – run any QlikView or Qlik Sense Sheet inside BizView, including all filters (labels) and parameters to create seamless analytical capabilities inside your BizView Performance Management solution.pic for bizview.png


Supplementary content

Please see the following attachments:

BizView Product Sheets (PDF)
Qlik_Technology_Partner_validation  (PDF)

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