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Cleaning up Qlik environments with NodeGraph | NodeGraph


Cleaning up Qlik environments with NodeGraph | NodeGraph

Cleaning up Qlik environments with NodeGraph

Industry: Retail
Organization size: 100+ Qlik applications
Years using QlikView & Qlik Sense: 8
Challenge: Cleaning up and understanding their complex Qlik environments
Solution: Visualizing, analyzing, and understanding the Qlik environment using NodeGraph

In collaboration with NodeGraph Partner Catalyst IT


This case story focuses on an organization in the retail industry with over 100 Qlik applications that uses both QlikView and Qlik Sense solutions that have been developed over several years, by many different developers. The challenge facing this organization was cleaning up and understanding their complex Qlik environments. The solution was found in visualizing, analyzing, and understanding the Qlik environment using NodeGraph. Continue reading to find out more.

Challenge: Cleaning up and understanding complex Qlik environments

As many of you know, building in Qlik is very intuitive and user-friendly. An adverse effect of this is that you can very quickly get to a point where your Qlik solution has grown to a significant size - with excessive amounts of applications and data sources - without your organization having a proper understanding of what's actually going on behind the scenes of your Qlik dashboard. As a result of developing their Qlik environments over several years, with the help of several different developers, the customer in question was facing the challenge of optimizing and understanding of their Qlik platform that had grown increasingly complex - with excessive amounts of applications and data sources.

“As is the nature of any development, things progress and grow and it can be difficult (without a tool like Nodegraph) to effectively maintain, consolidate and control that development. This is even more challenging for customers who are looking to maintain both QlikView and Qlik Sense environments in parallel.”

Rachael Selman,
Director of BI - Qlik Practice Lead at Catalyst IT Solutions

Solution: Visualize, analyze, and understand the Qlik environment Using our Dependency Explorer to visualize and analyze their Qlik environment

With a combination of data lineage and automated testing functionalities, NodeGraph's main goal is to allow for data transparency, data understanding and, ultimately, data quality. In this particular case, The Dependency Explorer was used to visualize and analyze the current Qlik environment of the customer. As can be seen below, this module allowed the customer to visualize how the data travels throughout their Qlik Solution, from the data source to the end-user application. Furthermore, by selecting a specific data source, qvd, qvf, application, etc. they were able to display said object's exact connections, or links, within their solution.

nodegraph qlik sense qlikview metadata visualization data lineage cleaning up

Exploring their Qlik script using The Field Explorer

Another feature that was used when cleaning up Catalyst IT's customer's solution was The Field Explorer. Here, they were able to see the entire script of their chosen field, telling them what transformations that had been applied to the field, from initial input to final application - further propelling understanding.

data-atlas-field-explorer-nodegraph-a-data-quality-platform-for-qlikview-and-qlik-sense cleaning up

Searching and exploring what’s inside their Qlik Solution with The Data Catalog

While this is a new feature, and has therefore yet to be used by the customer in question, The Data Catalog focuses on boosting data transparency and collaboration in your team. Basically, it acts as a search engine for your Qlik Solution and would definitely be helpful when trying to clean up and understand a complex environment.


Explore our diverse data quality features

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