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Forms - self-service Qlik input extension


Forms - self-service Qlik input extension

Forms is a self-service Qlik input extension already certified as Trusted Extension (TED). It allows you to enter your own inputs directly in Qlik Sense: comments, deadlines, responsibilities, custom categorizations, action plans, rankings or any other data. Thanks to Forms you can also comment Qlik visualizations and share your insights with your team.

Why Forms?

✔️ Easy to use - Qlik-inspired design,  action buttons (save, clear, reload the app, export, batch update of multiple rows...)

✔️Fast & simple implementation - installation in seconds thanks to automated next-style installer (installation video); ready to be used right after the installation; well-known Qlik interface for all the management (properties panel, Qlik app)

✔️ Inphinite use cases - lead management, capacity planning, budgeting and forecasting, new era of "EDLs - excel driven loads"...

✔️Security - all data is stored on your server, can be used offline; full change log

✔️Complex technical documentation - available here

More information, references, webinar, our client's success story and trial download are available on the webpage.

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This is a must have extension for every Qlik implementation as it significantly broadens the spectre of analytic use cases. We have built and implemented sales planning solution, inventory re-forecasting, what-if costing scenarios and others. 

Highly recommend.


There is virtually no limit in what can be done with Inphinity Forms in terms of write-back.

Long gone is the time when BI tools were just about data viz. Today, you can interact with Qlik in a completely new way. Comment, categorize, enter plans, forecasts and budgets, add activities, deadlines and much more. Even enter data straight from Qlik into your CRM or ERP in a governed way. Or quickly correct data errors to improve data quality. All that without having to drill through tons of windows in the source systems. 

Thus, experiencing considerable time savings, higher efficiency of processes and increased speed of action.

We are on the verge of a new revolution in BI with write-back. A whole set of new use cases is here to be explored. Now, your Qlik can do much more than ever imagined.

And what will you discover?


Hi, to use Forms with several Virtual Proxies according to Inphitiy information we need to add:

Referrer-policy: no-referrer-when-downgrade

To do so, edit the Virtual Proxy settings - Advanced options.


but in the config.xml there is a section to add virtual proxies but I couldn't find how is supposed to be added.


Can you please share an example or where can I Found a guide?



yes, you need to extend also the virtual proxy part in config.xml and duplicate <virtualProxy> element with the info about all your virtual proxies like this:



In case of any other questions feel free to send us an e-mail on support@myinphinity.com

Inphinity support


Thank you!!! It worked!

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