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Getting Started with NodeGraph

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Getting Started with NodeGraph

Getting Started with NodeGraph


Welcome to NodeGraph - your data quality platform for QlikView and Qlik Sense. How does it work? With NodeGraph, you can visualize, analyze and understand your Qlik environment in an intuitive way. We allow you to visualize the data lineage behind your Qlik dashboard by displaying your Qlik Solution from data source to end-user application. NodeGraph further enhances your data quality capabilities using automated testing - making it easier for you to set up and maintain data quality management in your QlikView and Qlik Sense solutions. All in all, NodeGraph enables you to:

  • Boost the data confidence throughout your organization
  • Embrace scalability
  • Ensure data consistency

Basically, we show you what is going on behind the scenes of your Qlik Solution, allowing you to secure and maintain high data quality.

Want to get started on improving your Qlik data quality? Click here to book a demo with us right away.


Want to dig a little deeper first?

Data Atlas

Propel data confidence across your business with meaningful insights into what goes on behind your Qlik® dashboard.

Example of The Dependency ExplorerExample of The Dependency Explorer


Why so many businesses use Data Atlas

Visualize your data’s journey
Our Data Atlas makes it easy for you to visualize how data travels throughout your solution, from your data source to your Qlik® application.

Ensure data consistency
Trace and search your Qlik® data to ensure that it is consistent throughout your organization.

Spread data confidence
Stop worrying about what goes on behind your Qlik® Solution and focus on what really matters to your busi­ness.

Save valuable time
Drastically reduce the manual work required to establish and maintain high data quality in Qlik® with the help automated documentation.

Install effortlessly
NodeGraph is read-only and doesn’t interfere with any of your company data upon installation.

Customize your environment
Build your Data Atlas environment to suit your business and its data.

Features include

Data lineage visualization
Visualize how the data travels throughout your Qlik® Solution, from the data source to the end-user applica­tion.

Data lineage script
See the entire script of your chosen field, telling you what transformations that have been applied to the field, from initial input to final application.

Data Catalog
Search and explore what’s inside your Qlik® Solution with the help of our Data Catalog. With a seamless inter­face, our Data Catalog focuses on boosting data transparency and collaboration in your team.

Take stock of your Qlik® Solution with the help of Reports, making sure your data is structured according to your guidelines. All of the reports can be exported into Excel.

Automated documentation
Generate your Qlik® system documentation automatically, collecting all the node comments, metadata, tables, fields, related files and database statements for the chosen application into one single document.


Data Quality Manager

Establish a powerful and self-sufficient Qlik® data quality framework with the use of extensive automated testing functionalities.

Example of Baseline TestingExample of Baseline Testing

Discover our powerful Data Quality Manager

Embrace scalability
Don’t let a lack of resources stand in the way of growth – our Data Quality Manager is built to scale. Use auto­mated testing to establish a data quality framework that is self-sufficient.

Be proactive
Stay one step ahead of any problems that you might have in your Qlik® Solution with the help of customized and continuous data testing.

Understand & trust your data
Use our automated testing functionalities to identify any problems that you might have in your Qlik® Solu­tion and feel confident in your data.

Automation is key
Establish a powerful and self-sufficient Qlik® data quality framework with the use of extensive automated testing functionalities.

Prioritize currency
Ensure that your Qlik® Solution is always updated, reloaded, and up-to-date.

Customize your environment
Set up your Data Quality Manager to suit your data and your business.

Features include

Baseline testing
Create standardized benchmark tests that can be reused as a testing reference point. This allows for effective quality assurance without constantly setting up new tests.

Raw data testing
Make sure that your static data remains unchanged and consistent, that your data is properly reloaded and current, and that new data has reasonable values.

Ensure that your business logic and transformations comply with your Qlik® data quality framework.

Application testing
Test your Qlik Sense® applications (i.e. dimensions, expressions, and values for the entire app).


Add-ons & Integrations

Do the most for your organization’s data quality with the help of our diverse add-ons and integrations.

NodeGraph home pageNodeGraph home page

Further enhance your data quality with our dynamic add-ons & integrations


Visualize your Qlik® data lineage all the way from your data source to your final NPrinting report. This allows your data quality to extend beyond your Qlik® applications and into your NPrinting reports.

Sense Extension
Seamlessly access NodeGraph insights in Qlik Sense®, including valuable and current information about your NodeGraph environment.

Documentation Scheduler
Take automated documentation to the next level with the use of our Documentation Scheduler. Select a range of applications and choose how often you want them to be documented to stay on top of your Qlik® Solution always.

Field Tracker
Our Field Tracker makes it easy for you to keep track of the data stored in your Qlik®Solution by allowing you to automatically create customized reports. The report contains:

  • The location of the data
  • Who currently has access to the data
  • Who has accessed the data in the past


Import/Export Lineage
NodeGraph supports the import and export of data lineage, allowing for a seamless user experience.

Our partnership with Collibra allows you to export your NodeGraph data lineage into your Collibra solution.

NodeGraph’s REST API further allows for flexibility and customized integrations.


Click here to schedule a personalized demo with the NodeGraph team now!


Hi, I have a question just to be sure.

We have NodeGraph running with a connection to our Qlik Sense environment. But we also have a Qlikview server running (dual use license). I want to know if it's possible to have one NodeGraph installation connected to Qlik Sense AND Qlikview.

Thank you in advance for your reaction.

Kind regards, 



Hi @tcarolus!

Sorry for the late reply but the short answer is yes 😀

NodeGraph supports multiple QlikView and Qlik Sense environments in one container, which means that they can be analyzed side by side, showing lineage between any shared resources.

Please reach out if you have any other questions!


The NodeGraph Team

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