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Getting Started with Safe Software

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Getting Started with Safe Software


Safe Software delivers FME, the data integration platform with the best support for spatial data worldwide. Solve your data integration challenges and get your data into Qlik.

Integrate data from over 400 systems, including geospatial, to bring data from anywhere into Qlik for analysis. Combine data from databases, static files, big data, and data feeds. By using a visual interface & pre-built transformers, you have complete control over your data integration workflows. Generalize data, restructure data models, detect and clean bad data, change coordinate systems, incorporate geocoding, and more, so that data is ready for Qlik.

FME was designed from the ground up to tackle the complexity of spatial data integration challenges. By using FME, you can ensure that geospatial data is integrated into Qlik analysis so you can perform location intelligence. FME works with Qlik geospatial extensions including QlikMaps, GeoQlik, and Qlik GeoAnalytics.

Integration workflows in FME are built using a simple visual interface. They are reusable, and can easily be updated to meet new requirements with very little effort. FME also enables you to automate the workflows, so you can set up your integration workflows and run them according to schedules or event-driven workflows to keep data up-to-date for real-time Qlik dashboards.



FME Desktop: Use FME Desktop to build the custom workflows that integrate your data for Qlik, including geospatial data.

FME Server: FME Server works hand-in-hand with FME Desktop. Design the workflow you want to automate in FME Desktop and then publish it to FME Server at the push of a button. Using FME Server, you can schedule the workflow you created to automatically run at any time interval, turn it into a self-serve process for others to run whenever they want, or have your workflow always running in real-time.

FME Cloud: FME Cloud is FME Server deployed in a fully hosted AWS environment. It's the ultimate platform for connecting the web, combining the automation power of FME Server with the flexibility of the cloud. No other tool is able to handle the complexity of spatial data in apps like Google Maps, ArcGIS Online, CARTO, and hundreds more. Start by building integration workflows in FME Desktop's drag-and-drop interface. Then use FME Cloud to run them constantly in real time, in response to events, or on a time interval. Scale up or down as needed.


Deployment model and licensing information


Why Safe Software partners with Qlik?

Qlik customers need to integrate data from multiple sources before analyzing and visualizing it in Qlik. At Safe Software, our whole business is centered around helping our customers maximize the value of their data. The solution we offer is data integration, with a special focus on spatial data. By using FME and Qlik solutions together, you get the complete picture of your data landscape for making critical business decisions.

By using FME, you can integrate data, especially spatial data, before using it in Qlik solutions. By implementing automated integration processes with FME, you can efficiently support many more processes, and leave room for innovation. All integration workflows are created in a visual interface so that stakeholders can see exactly where data is coming from, how it is being transformed, and where it is going. Visual workflows also make updates simple when needs change. By running integration workflows on a schedule or in response to system events, your workflows operate hands-free, giving Qlik users access to the most current data in real-time Qlik dashboards.


What do I do next?

Try FME for Free

We offer a full 30-day free trial of the FME platform, which you can find at safe.com/trial. For extended trials or support with proof of concepts, please contact our Customer Engagement team by email at info@safe.com.

FME Pricing

You can find all of our pricing details at safe.com/pricing or by contacting us by email at info@safe.com.

FME Community

At Safe Software, we believe in helping our customers, and provide free training, knowledge base articles, tutorials, and a community of users at safe.com/community. Free technical support is included in our annual maintenance program.


Technology Integrations

FME enables Qlik clients and partners to create any data integration workflows they require and specializes in geospatial data. By using FME, you can prepare data for use in Qlik, which may include integrating data from multiple sources, transforming data models or coordinate systems, filtering, cleaning, or many other data integration tasks.

Whether you need to integrate data into QVX, migrate data into centralized data lakes, or keep application data clean and synchronized between database updates, FME can be used to keep the data sources you depend on for Qlik Dashboards up-to-date, available, and centralized.

Because FME supports such a wide range of data types including geospatial data, you can be sure that location intelligence is delivered to decision makers in Qlik Dashboards. With support for GIS, CAD, database, tabular, BIM, 3D, point cloud / LiDAR, raster, XML, and cloud data types, FME supports integration needs across the enterprise.

By automating your integration workflows with FME, you spend less time manually maintaining data, and more time delivering insights in Qlik.

Learn more about our Qlik integrations: https://www.safe.com/integrate/qlik-qvx/

Customer Success

Learn how Stad Lier, a local government region in Belgium manage complex spatial data integrations from multiple systems directly into QlikView for analysis: https://www.safe.com/customers/stad-lier/

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