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Getting Started with Stratsys

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Getting Started with Stratsys


Stratsys develop smart digital tools for hassle-free collaboration on strategic plans and are determined to find new ways to simplify and improve our customers daily life. As an ever-evolving and improving platform, Stratsys is the spine of business planning. The holy grail that gathers and engages all users in successful goal alignment.

Deployment model and licensing information

Stratsys is a cloud-based platform that can be deployed with generic products or be configured to the specific business needs of the customer. Generic products can be deployed with next to no configuration required. Configuration of non-generic products on the platform are typically delivered through consultation, workshops and training. 

There are two licensing models:

  1. Rental - the customer pays a monthly fee per user.
  2. Investment model - the licenses are purchased with a yearly, reoccurring maintenance fee.


Why does Stratsys partner with Qlik?

Stratsys has a best of breed strategy. We complement our platform with other market-leading software companies to be the number one support for our customers. Stratsys and BI-solutions are a great fit and Qlik is one of our most successful partnerships when it comes to integration of Business Intelligence functionality. The joint offer serves our customers the best ground for decision making and analysis since data is put in a strategic context.

Go To Market

 Stratsys go to market with our products through:

 Direct sales – Stratsys values close customer dialogues and we have proven experience of selling and implementing through our own workforce. We have a dedicated team of sales representatives and consultants who are spreading product news and our product offerings in every day conversations with our customers.

Digital Sales - Stratsys has in addition to traditional direct sales a digital sales strategy and a strong inbound marketing focus. For example, we communicate to our targeted audience through product release webinars, digital newsletters, our blog and related content offers.      

Partner Sales – Stratsys has a broad partner network consisting in integration partners, sales partners and solution partners. These are Stratsys extended arm when it comes to spreading our products world-wide, as a part of a digital ecosystem or stand alone.

What are the integrations?

By integrating Qlik Sense in Stratsys the customer has the ability to leverage both platforms. The purpose is both simplifying tasks in Stratsys and getting a better insight in the current state of the organization and thus helping to make analysis simpler. In Stratsys we can;

  1. Integrate Qlik Sense apps, sheets and objects in the UI of Stratsys. You can utilize your fully interactive dashboards and objects in several different views in Stratsys. The analysis of the data in simplified for the user, not having to switch between systems.
  2. Integrate data from Qlik Sense in different forms. Either as KPI data, stored in Stratsys or as real time integrations reading data directly from Qlik Sense table data.
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