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Manage Qlik Sense Extensions with PlatformManager

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Manage Qlik Sense Extensions with PlatformManager

Manage Qlik Sense Extensions with PlatformManager

A gray box in the middle of your Qlik Sense dashboard where the extension is supposed to be… Most users of Qlik Sense Extensions probably experienced this at least once. Fortunately there is a solution named PlatformManager which can prevent this from happening. Using PlatformManager the management of extensions and Apps can be kept very simple. Read more about the possibilities of PlatformManager in this blog.


The most important topics to manage your Qlik Sense Extensions

Eventually using various Qlik Sense versions or various versions of Extensions can lead to app problems.  PlatformManager can help you to inventory and manage all these versions with as result a good working app. PlatformManager offers you the next options among others to support the use and management of Qlik Sense extensions.


1 How to import Qlik Sense Extensions

Qlik Sense Extensions can be added directly to PlatformManager from every Qlik Sense server. Extensions can also be added to PlatformManager by loading a zip file.

Import Extensions.png

Figure 1) Import of Extensions in PlatformManager


2 What is checked during Import of Qlik Sense Extensions

During the import of a Qlik Sense app, PlatformManager checks if used extensions in that app are available in PlatformManager. If that’s not the case the app won’t be imported in PlatformManager. So there is an active check to prevent mistakes from missing extensions.


3 Dependencies

PlatformManager makes it comprehensible where the dependencies lie by showing which Qlik Sense dashboards make use of a certain extension and vice versa.

Figure 2 - Apps that use a specific Extension.png

 Figure 2) The tab ‘Extensions’ shows which Qlik Sense dashboards use a certain extension. This also works the other way around (see the figure below).

Figure 3 - Extensions used by a Qlik Sense app.png

 Figure 3) Details of a dashboard show which extensions are being used. The existence of the extensions is being checked from the publication to production.

4 A notification is given at Publication

When publishing from your Qlik Sense dashboards to other environments (Acceptance, Production, Testing, etc.), PlatformManager checks if the necessary extensions are in the concerning environment. Herewith a notification is given and the publication is stopped if the necessary extensions aren’t present. This can be resumed when the necessary extensions have been published to the concerning environment. Therefore a user won’t be able to see a dashboard with a gray cell because the extension that accounts for the visualization doesn’t exist in the Production environment.


5 Automated Documentation

It also is easy to obtain a complete overview of the used extensions. This with the help of the automatically generated documentation.  Therein among other things, the version-number, insight into the necessary files and the extension types. Herewith it is also possible to discover the existing of different versions of the same extension.

Figure 4 - Extensions Difference Analyses (Aut Docu).png


Figure 4 - Automated Documentation.png Figure 4) Demonstrate which application uses which extension


6 Get control on your versions

With PlatformManager you can make changes in extensions in Development. These changes are directly visible after the check-in whereupon you can deploy the new extension with PlatformManager. After that you can test and put it to production. Because you can also see which dashboards make use of an extension testing has become easier. In this way you can get  control of all your versions. This information is not normally at your disposal in Qlik.

Figure 5 - Promotion overview.png

 Figure 5) Gives an overview of the promotion

Figure 6 - Extension versions and restore.pngFigure 6) Extensions versions and restore


PlatformManager for your Qlik Sense Environment!

PlatformManager offers besides extension-management also support for managing Qlik Sense (and Qlik View!) dashboards and the use of Qlik Sense Mashups and Widgets. View all the features of PlatformManager on our website.


Do you want to know more about PlatformManager? Contact us or plan an appointment through our online form.


Written in conjunction with our partner E-mergo | www.e-mergo.nl

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