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Qlik and SecuPi - HYOK over Snowflake Data Platform


Qlik and SecuPi - HYOK over Snowflake Data Platform



 Secure Data For Analytics with HYOD (Hold Your Own Key) for your Cloud Data Platform


The Challenge

Probably the single biggest barrier to more rapid adoption of Cloud Data Platforms is data privacy and security.  For any organization collecting, processing, analyzing and retaining sensitive or regulated information, data privacy can quickly become a show-stopper.

Adoption of cloud services involving Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Private Health Information (PHI), other sensitive Non-Public Information (NPI) or any other government or industry regulated data usually requires implementation of a completely different trust model.

Organizations accustomed to traditional methods of protecting and controlling access to data where they managed all aspects of data security from physical data center security, to network security controls, to Role Based Access Controls coded into Databases and Applications require a paradigm shift in their thinking about data privacy. 

Any cloud adoption initiative needs to take into consideration that the organization may only be left with control over a User’s Identity, the Data itself and the Application(s) used to access the data.  This demands a data-centric approach that is application, database and hosting location agnostic.  The same data protection, fine-grained access controls, accountability, and audit trail need to be maintained even though the data may be hosted almost anywhere and accessed from almost anywhere.

The New Reality

Cloud hosting providers along with the databases and applications that run on cloud hosted infrastructure do a great job of providing as good or better security controls as their prospective customers enjoy today on-premise.  However, this is often not enough.  Data privacy regulations mandate that organizations which collect the data remain responsible for its privacy and protection regardless of any contractual agreements or outsourcing. 

Organizations remain accountable even when they have almost no direct control over any of the infrastructure processing the data.

Data encryption applied at the disk or file (tablespace) level only protects data from someone walking out of the data center with a disk drive. It doesn’t distinguish between privileged users who still have access to the infrastructure (DBAs, SysAdmins) but shouldn’t see sensitive data, and those who may not have access to the infrastructure but are authorized to view the sensitive data.  Decryption should only occur when authorized users interact with the sensitive data, irrespective of what tool they are using, and deny the Infrastructure providers any ability to see meaningful data.

The Solution

The easiest way for organzations to retain full control with virtually complete transitions to the Cloud is through Anonymization of data or rendering enough sensitive data fields inaccessible when in the Cloud and only accessible again when coming back on premise or back within your span of control.  This is where Hold Your Own Key (HYOK) becomes essential.  Encrypting data prior to sending to the Cloud and only decrypting once back on premise or when requested by an authorized user with legal basis/”need -to-know” is the only way to satisfy any more conservative trust models.



Full disk encryption, file level or tablespace encryption or Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) based Column level encryption do not meet any of these more stringent data protection requirements.  These do not satisfy that fundamental trust model requirement of sharing only encrypted data (not the keys).   The Hold Your Own Key (HYOK) concept is the desired trust model for any smart Data Controllers when their data flows to a Cloud Data Platform if they want to retain full control over access to their data.


HYOK is the KEY to Cloud Data Security and Data Governance

Regulated industries, such as financial services and healthcare, require keys be segregated from the cloud data platform compute (e.g., Snowflake).  SecuPi HYOK enables companies to comply with this requirement with encryption applied to regulated columns, or applying dynamic masking or filtering access to other sensitive columns – balancing between compliance, analytics and usability of the data.

The Qlik Data Integration and Data Analytics platform integrates with SecuPi’s data privacy and protection capabilities to provide a complementary, end-to-end solution for analytics involving sensitive or regulated data for Cloud data platforms like Snowflake.  

The new integrated solution protects data from the source (mainframe, Oracle, DB2, Teradata and other on-prem data stores), during ingestion via Qlik Replicate (formerly Attunity and CDC), within hybrid cloud data platform (e.g., Snowflake) & Big Data (e.g., DataBricks) until analytics results are consumed by authorized users within Qlik Sense and QlikView.

Together Qlik and SecuPi enhance the security of data within Cloud data platforms like Snowflake by ensuring that sensitive data remains encrypted in the cloud at all times (without exposing encryption keys or sensitive data).

The SecuPi integration with QlikView or Qlik Sense Enterprise enable decryption as well as other governance and fine-grained access controls including geo-fencing, row filtering, logical deletion, dynamic masking, real-time sensitive activity monitoring, classification and user behavior analytics.

The Qlik and SecuPi partnership is an excellent fit for multicloud deployments where HYOK and consistent access controls, accountability and data privacy requirements must also be met on Snowflake.  

One of the most important aspects of the Qlik | SecuPi partnership is security and implementation transparency.  SecuPi enables fine-grained access control, data-at-rest protection with Hold Your Own Key (HYOK) – segregating keys from the compute. This satisfies challenging data privacy regulations (GDPR/CCPA) and provides full accountability for all access to sensitive or regulated data without changes to QlikView, Qlik Sense or the underlying data repository such as Snowflake. Scalability and ease of implementation are driven by SecuPi’s ability to operate as a simple encrypt function call within Qlik Data Integration and as a transparent gateway between Qlik Sense or QlikView and the Cloud hosted data platform such as Snowflake

3.png Figure 1: SecuPi encryption functions augment Qlik Replicate ETL process, while using SecuPi overlay when authorized users are retrieving encrypted data from Qlik Sense


Enable HYOK on Your Cloud Data Platform in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1: Install SecuPi

SecuPi Management Server and overlays come as a docker container, K8s. They can be installed either on-prem or cloud. The policies are configured centrally, and distributed to the self-contained overlays and gateways for enforcement.


Step 2: Encrypt Sensitive Ingestion Flows by calling SecuPi Encryption function calls



Leverage SecuPi HYOK to encrypt enough sensitive fields to render customer records sufficiently anonymized prior to copying sensitive data to the Cloud, and only decrypted upon retrieval by authorized users in Qlik.


 Configuring a Global rule that applies an FPE encryption transformation to specific Columns

All data migrations, replication, “Lift & Shift”: ETL or ELT operations, native cloud applications and cloud analytics, are fully supported including Format Preserving Encryption (FPE) or Masking of data exported to QVD, CSV or other file formats.  Only anonymized data is then stored in the cloud.6.pngSelectively encrypting specific fields before writing to output file using Qlik Replicate


Step 3: Decrypt for authorized Qlik users

Anonymized data (encrypted Columns) are then decrypted on consumption with the keys to decrypt the selected data columns remaining On-Prem (HYOK).


Authorized Users see all fields in the clear with transparent Decryption on Consumption


Unauthorized users or unauthorized data extraction or access methods see only Anonymized or Encrypted data.  User attempting to download protected data into Excel

8.pngName Column in output file (opened in Excel) protected using SecuPi FPE Encryption

Data encryption, decryption, dynamic masking, filtering, geo-fencing or obfuscation operations are all managed by policy from a single central Policy Server.  Only authorized users are granted the right to access protected data elements in the clear. 

SecuPi is the preferred data security partner for Snowflake and a top tier security solution partner for Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS.  This validates SecuPi’s ability to easily solve some of the most challenging data privacy compliance requirements faced by any prospective Cloud Services customer. SecuPi is frequently the enabler of expanded use of Cloud Services and Hosting where sensitive or regulated data is involved and compliance with GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA and more are required.


You can outsource everything but common sense and security

Any large or complex Qlik implementations on Snowflake or other DBaaS platforms involving multiple data sources and/or migrating to the cloud can introduce a lot of risk and be expensive to implement when PII or PHI is involved.  SecuPi together with Qlik eliminates most of this risk, freeing Data Analytics teams to analyze data, not spend most of their time designing, testing and implementing essential data security controls.


SecuPi Contact:Sales@SecuPi.com    Or, visit our website at www.SecuPi.com

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