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Say hello to PlatformManager 4.0

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Say hello to PlatformManager 4.0

Say hello to PlatformManager 4.0

We are pleased to announce that a new release of PlatformManager is now available.

The PlatformManager 4.0 product release offers a wide range of new capabilities providing key improvements. PlatformManager 4.0 is developed to help you get more control over your versions and develop your applications more efficient. As a result the new release demonstrates that we are extending the value and reach of our platform by enabling new ways to make faster and easier business decisions!  

This new version of PlatformManager contains features such as Multi Development and  the possibility to start a reload of your Application after promotion. In addition did you know that we now provide improved support for HTTPS? In PlatformManager it is possible to use either a secured (HTTPS) or unsecured (HTTP) connection to your Qlik Sense server. Next to that, PlatformManager is also capable of managing and publishing your Extensions and Reload tasks.

https security new release PlatformManager.jpg



New features in our release PlatformManager 4.0

Reload your Application after promotion

Our mission is to make the development of an application more efficient for you as a developer. As a result the end user can spend more time analyzing the data. For that reason we continue to develop PlatformManager and continue to expand. Ultimately PlatformManager makes your development process more efficient and much easier.

In PlatformManager 4.0 we developed a new feature which allows you to run a reload of an app during the promotion process.  You don’t have to switch to your Qlik Sense app to reload your application because now the option is integrated in PlatformManager.

Reload after Promotion new realease.png



PlatformManager allows multiple developers to work on the same Qlik Sense app, simultaneously which will speed up your development process. Developers no longer have to wait until the app is checked-in. They can work together in the same app at the same time. Just agree on who is working on which part of the app and you’re good to go. Every developer simply checks-out the app and starts developing new sheets, visuals or changing the script. When finished, they just perform an individual check-in.

During development changes are synchronized to all developers so merging is not required. When all developers have finished, the app can be published for testing and the new version can be compared with the previous version visualizing the differences.


Top 4 benefits of Multi Development in PlatformManager 4.0

  • Allows multiple developers to work on the same Qlik Sense app, simultaneously 
  • Developers no longer have to wait until the app is checked-in.
  • Changes are synchronized to all developers so merging is not required
  • A lot of time and money can be saved

Multi Development screenshot new release.jpg


PlatformManager provides support for the following BI platforms and versions


  • Qlik Sense
    • June 2019, April 2019, February 2019, November 2018 SR2, September 2018, June 2018, April 2018 and February 2018 SR2
    • November 2017, September 2017 and June 2017
  • QlikView 12 up to and including 12.30 SR1
  • SAP BI4 4.2 up to and including SP4 Patch5


Request a live demo if you would like to have more information about PlatformManager.

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