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Demo - Cloudera Metadata Catalog - Impala, Navigator, Manager


Demo - Cloudera Metadata Catalog - Impala, Navigator, Manager

Cloudera is rich in metadata useful for understanding the data behind the analytics visualized by Qlik. However, this metadata is somewhat scattered across different areas of the Cloudera ecosystem. In this application, Qlik is pulling valuable metadata from Cloudera Navigator and Cloudera Manager using REST API's. These API's give insight in query usage, query performance, and metadata tags using published API calls.

Combining this REST data with a series of looping SQL calls against Impala, we are able to associate database, table, and column statistics with the Navigator and Manager data. By combining this data, we are able to create a full understand of relevant Cloudera metadata that Qlik can analyze. This application also powers the selection criteria for the upcoming Cloudera Data Explorer.

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