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Partner and Product Brief - Kognitio and Qlik


Partner and Product Brief - Kognitio and Qlik

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Kognitio and Qlik Sense


Kognitio is a mature in-memory SQL engine that unlocks the insights in big data. It is specifically designed for massively parallel analytical query processing at ultra-high-speeds and for a large number of concurrent users.



Kognitio brings the kind of response times a Qlik user expects to big data. Like Qlik, Kognitio is an in-memory processing engine but it has been designed to scale-up to meet big data requirements either for the cloud or on-premise.

When Qlik submits SQL to Kognitio the rapid response time is fast enough to allow “train of thought” ad-hoc analysis to be possible. Qlik brings its associative engine, great visualization and additional analytics to big data results served up super-fast by Kognitio. Data sets are typically in the order of TBs of RAM.

Kognitio also has an easy to use SQL interface for executing non-SQL complex code. This gives Qlik users seamless access to complex / advanced analytics over large data. Analytics are deployed by data scientists and analysts on Kognitio typically using Qlik Sense On Demand App Generation (ODAG). Qlik users simply access the analytics in the usual way without having to interact with different underlying code.


How do I try this out?

Try Kognitio with Qlik Sense today:

1.     Spin-up Kognitio on AWS Marketplace

2.     Connect your Qlik Sense Server to Kognitio

3.     Use your own data or get started using Kognitio’s retail data

4.     Learn how to integrate Kognitio with Qliksense ODAG


Deployment Options

Kognitio functionality is identical across all deployment options. This allows easy movement of your analytics between options as your business requires - empower your data science team to prototype solutions quickly in the cloud then move the analytics to your on-premise production system when business value is proven out.  

·         Kognitio in Cloud – on-demand cloud solution charged at an hourly rate. Pricing dependent on the infrastructure that is spun-up. Try Kognitio on AWS Marketplace today

·         Kognitio on Hadoop – free to use license. Download and try it today

·         Kognitio standalone – free up to 512GB RAM then licensed by TB of RAM

·         Kognitio on MapR – free up to 512GB RAM then licensed by TB of RAM

Different levels of support are available depending on deployment option from community forum through to enterprise premium.

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