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Ping Alerting Data Sheet


Ping Alerting Data Sheet

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Enterprise Alerting for Qlik Sense

Ping is an intelligent enterprise alerting platform that combines the simplicity of condition-based alerting with the power of Machine Learning. 

Ping seamlessly connects to the Qlik Sense Platform to provide a user-driven, self-service portal for creating intelligent alerts.  The platform proactively lets you know when data you care about has changed in Qlik Sense. 


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Ping enables users to free up their time to develop the business, not just manage it!


Ping Intelligent Alerting - Full End to End Demo

Smart Alerts

Alerts can be setup for all your Qlik Sense applications, without any restriction.  Alerts can then be received via a variety of options that a user can choose, including email and dedicated Ping iOS and Android mobile applications.  Ping will also integrate with many channels such as SMS, Slack, Skype and RoxBot.

Users can individually define which measures they wish to monitor with smart guidance to ensure they setup meaningful conditional criteria.

Broadcast Alerts

Ping Broadcast.pngBroadcast Alerts


Broadcast Alerts

Engage even larger audiences with Ping Broadcast alerts and let groups of recipients know that data in your Qlik applications has changed.  This capability works well for those organizations that want to push analytics right to the edges of the organization and beyond.

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Broadcast Notifications

Notify groups and business users of when there is a new app published in the Qlik Sense Hub, or perhaps when you plan some server downtime for maintenance.


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Alerts Insights with RoxBot

Using the latest in AI technology, RoxBot allows users to understand why an alert was triggered.  Ping algorithms scan all of the associated data related to a measure and provides the user with a narrative as to why an alert was triggered.  RoxBot also allows users create alerts directly within the Ping mobile application, and allows users to interact with data in Qlik Sense using natural language processing.


Simple Intuitive Interfaces

Ping’s intelligent tools approach ensures users do not get overwhelmed with messages by using smart suggestions to keep the information flow manageable and actionable.  Ping suggests the prioritizing of alerts to ensure the key alerts will not be lost in the noise.


Qlik Sense Extension

Create alerts with ease, directly within your Qlik Sense Application using the Ping Extension for Qlik Sense.  The extension allows users to create an alert at the point at which the user has found some interesting insights that they want to monitor.  The extension uses an easy point and click interface and carries over any selections made on the data automatically.

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Receive alerts on the go with the proprietary Ping applications available on iOS and Android.  Alerts come through as a notification so that you can be sure you are informed instantly when your data changes.

RoxBot is fully integrated into the Ping mobile applications which means that users can also create alerts on the go just by simply using natural language to type in their alert details and thresholds.

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RoxAI are Technology Partners with Blackberry which means that the Ping mobile applications are available to download from the Blackberry Dynamics Secure Mobile App Platform

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Seamless Integration

Ping allows users to setup alerts across all the Qlik Sense dashboards seamlessly integrating with the Qlik security model. The Ping roadmap covers access for alerts from any ODBC or API accessible data source enabling full enterprise coverage whilst also ensuring the security of access to those data sources is closely managed by user.

To find out more go to www.pingalerting.com

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