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White Paper - SMASH Guide to Qlik, Azure, SAP, and Attunity on HDInsight


White Paper - SMASH Guide to Qlik, Azure, SAP, and Attunity on HDInsight

 The purpose of the document is to demonstrate a new solution for democratizing access and analytics on SAP data and introduce a new go-to-market opportunity for Qlik with our partners Microsoft, Hortonworks, and Attunity.

 The goal of this project is to confirm that Qlik Sense can integrate a wide range of complimentary technology solutions to create a reference solution that would mimic several real customer scenarios. Many major companies have SAP as their ERP system of record, but have a hard time extracting the value of that data due to cumbersome layers required by SAP to collect raw data into usable data for analytics. Hortonworks (and Microsoft HDInsight by proxy) is one of the leading Hadoop distributions , and with its ability to store unlimited variety and volume of data, it has become aholding obvious choice for storing all data from a system of record. With SAP, many times a customer is temporarily limited in the range of data their ERP can contain, and older data is often offloaded to secondary systems or cold archiving entities.

With Hadoop systems that cold archiving isn’t necessary anymore, however, more technology is needed to make the process work effectively.

Attunity has a software product called Replicate that allows a customer to extract and continually synchronize data from an SAP system (ECC or HANA) into a Hadoop system like HDInsight. Attunity Replicate manages the process of that data extraction and ensuring that the data in Hadoop remains fresh and up to date.

The final piece of this puzzle is the platform that can be used to host all of these complimentary software systems simultaneously – Microsoft Azure. Azure allows us to create and manage our Qlik Sense server as well as our HDInsight cluster.  This then provides a perfect target for us to extract data from other cloud systems running SAP and Replicate into our optimized cluster.

By developing this solution, we have demonstrated the integration of the following components:

  • Qlik Sense
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Attunity
  • SAP ECC 6.0
  • HDInsight (Hortonworks by proxy)


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