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Digital Support

Q&A with Qlik - June 21, 2022 - Qlik Lineage for your Data Dynasty

This monthly webinar hosted by Qlik Global Support acts as a live open door office-hours, where users can come and ask their questions in real time.

In June 2022, we covered Qlik Lineage Connectors to discuss best tips for building your data architecture.




  • 06:06 Qlik lineage and reloading connections
  • 08:10 Updating the data for app from different source
  • 09:18 Qlik lineage, SaaS vs. On-Prem
  • 10:43 Quick Demo/overview and use cases
  • 21:42 Admin making feature available
  • 26:55 Installing different connector types
  • 28:09 Trial options
  • 28:34 Qlik Lineage use cases for migrating to cloud
  • 36:32 Configuration recommendations, and best practices
  • 38:18 Extracting App. lineage with Qlik API
  • 42:14 Suite of Lineage Connectors
  • 44:15 Any links resources on Qlik lineage?


Questions answered in session Chat:

Q: Any Lineage connector available for Qliksense enterprise on-prem?

A: I believe the base one, Qlik Sense, is for Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows. We currently do not support QS on Kubernetes.

Q: For Qlik NPrinting reports, what is shown in Lineage?

A: Currently the reports through the Npr apps relying on the Qlik Applications data models

Q: Does the lineage show sources back into other cloud locations (i.e. S3)?

A: Yes, it shows those questions you make in any Qlik Apps and presents them as the origin of data. Right now, there are connectors for Oracle, MSSQL and Snowflake which allows you to see the origin of those sources (ie if they are views, you can see which tables they are made up of). But even if you do not have a connector for those DBs, you can still see the query and have that shown as part of the lineage.

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