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Digital Support
Digital Support

Q&A with Qlik - October 18, 2022 - Heads in the Cloud

Join Qlik Support's office-hours, recorded live, where our panel of experts answer your questions and give more insight on our data analytics offerings. This month's topic covers all things Qlik Cloud!


  • 07:26 How to get started with your Qlik Cloud Account and set up your first tenant
  • 09:21 What features are available in Qlik Cloud vs Client Management?
  • 11:47 Are any migration steps needed for an App when moving from Client Managed to Cloud?
  • 14:39 Is a dedicated space recommended for new Data Connections?
  • 16:04 Is Qlik planning to add more data connection permission granularity?
  • 19:32 What role and permissions does the SAO have and can they be reassigned?
  • 22:06 Can we create Qlik Cloud hub starter templates?
  • 24:25 Can we create reports and distribute them in Qlik Cloud?
  • 27:56 Can we create a "reload" button in a Qlik Cloud hosted app?
  • 30:26 Can we automate the export of a published Qlik Cloud app?
  • 34:47 What is Qlik's general data protection and regulations compliance?
  • 37:59 Can we exclude values from data, such as patient names, during transform?
  • 42:19 Can we hide the script in Qlik Cloud or Qlik Sense Client Managed?
  • 43:44 How can developers work together in a script; and what Qlik is planning to improve this process?
  • 46:08 Can we assign licenses to users before inviting their Qlik ID; and what Qlik is planning to improve this process?
  • 48:25 Learn more about visualization tips and tricks.
  • 50:30 Introducing new security roles: private apps and automations 


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Transcript attached. 


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