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Digital Support

STT - Getting Off The Ground With Qlik Forts

This session addresses the following:
- Deploying Qlik Forts
- Publishing Apps
- Troubleshooting

00:00 - Intro

01:10 - Qlik Forts Overview

02:59 - How Forts are Updated

03:42 - How Forts work

05:00 - System Requirements

06:29 - Where to find the Forts images?

07:41 - How to Deploy a Fort

09:34 - Installing a Fort

11:20 - Monitoring the installation via Developer Tools

13:03 - Creating an App in a Forts Space

13:39 - Connecting to a Private database

14:59 - Attempting Private Data Connection from Shared Space

16:30 - How to manage Forts Users

16:53 - Troubleshooting Error Fetching Configuration

17:31 - Troubleshooting 'Cannot Apply Settings'

18:10 - Troubleshooting Stuck installation

19:11 - How to Export HAR File - Developer Tools info

19:27 - Troubleshooting Moving Apps to a Forts space

21:05 - Qlik Forts Limitations

21:35 - Troubleshooting Cannot Delete a Fort Space

 22:57 - Where to find updates to features

23:34 - Forts Console Status page

24:24 - Generate Support Bundle

25:00 - Information for a Support Case

25:57 - Q&A: Are Forts Free?

26:18 - Q&A: Which Features are on the priority list?

26:47 - Q&A: When Forts should be used?

27:22 - Q&A: Is load balancing supported?

27:48 - Q&A: Can Forts scale dynamically?

28:15 - Q&A: Performance Benchmarking?

28:37 - Q&A: Security Provider limitations?

29:20 - Q&A: Can all Qlik Products use Forts?

29:40 - Q&A: Can a Forts App use Dynamic Views?

29:59 - Q&A: Are Forts apps limited to 5 Gb?

30:21 - Q&A: Cannot find the reload history?

31:01 - Q&A: Can we RDP to a Fort?

31:19 - Q&A: What is Horizontal Scalability?

31:48 - Q&A: How do you back-up and restore Forts?


Qlik Forts Documentation

Current Known Issues with Qlik Forts

Useful Info When Logging a Qlik Forts Support Case

What's New in Qlik Cloud

Troubleshooting Error Fetching Configuration

Troubleshooting Cannot Apply Settings

Troubleshooting Cannot Delete Spaces

Qlik Forts Limitations


Q: To confirm, the Forts are available for standard SaaS, as well as the smaller business edition?

A: Forts is available for Qlik Sense enterprise SaaS. I do not believe it is available for Qlik Sense business. 

Q: Can Qlik Automation kick off a reload of an app in the Fort, based on the completion of an app in SaaS?

A: Qlik Automation is not yet supported on a Fort.

Q: In the Fort-app , can the fetched data be stored into QVD's? If yes, that sets the requirement on the HDD then?

A: Yes, you can store data into a QVD in your Forts. For the storage capacity, you will need to evaluate your needs. Or scale it vertically when required (example on cloud vendore, set up an alert when X free capacity only) .

Q: If we want all our data under Fort, does it make sense to Qlik SaaS or can we stay on a SaaS with standard Qlik Sense?

A: If you want your Data on a Fort, you will need to use Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS. 

Q: Can Fort also be used, to redirect from the Qlik Cloud to apps, hosted within Qlik Sense Enterprise on-prem?

A: It cannot at this time. 

Q: Why do we need 500 GB of disk space? Is there any scaling guide (e.g. based on total disk size of apps which should be provided by Fort)?

A: One of the reasons for a such a large space is that we will be able to get higher IOPS from your cloud vendors. Regarding the scaling guide, our internal teams are working on this, so please stay tuned.

Q: Does Reboot Fort, reloads some service? What are these services?

A: Reboot Fort restarts the Virtual Appliance services. These services are similar to our SaaS and are allowing Qlik Sense to work independently from a Fort.

Q: Can you apply a Fort app to a Managed space or does it have to be in the "Fort space"?

A: Forts can be applied to new Shared or Managed spaces. When creating them, you have an option at the bottom to assign the space to a Fort, you will then be able to pick the Fort of your choice. 

Q: Will other virtualization images become available? i.e. vmware esxi?

A: We do have open discussions with Product management team and R&D for other virtualization images such as ESXi. But at this time, only vSphere is officially supported.

Q: Is it possible to "host" bigger apps in forts, than this is possible in Qlik Cloud?

A: Yes, you do not have a memory limitation on Forts. So you can host bigger apps as long as your Fort capacity can handle that load.

Q: Can I deploy Qlik Forts connecting to Qlik Sense Enterprise (aws)?

A: No, Forts can only connect to our Qlik Sense SaaS. 

Q: The apps is storage inside the Fort's VM?

A: Yes, a Fort app will be stored on the Fort Storage

Q: If you want to use a Fort on premise to extract data, it's possible to store the resulting data to a qvd on like S3 or other cloud based storage?

A: It will be stored in your Fort storage.

Q: Is microsoft hyper-v supported?

A: No, it is not at this time, but stay tuned for the new features.

Q: Hi, We have hybird environment. We have datawarehouse in cloud and few other data sources on on prem. Should i install fort on cloud on any virtual machine to connect to dataware house environments (DEV/PDT/PRD) etc.

A: If you want to keep your cloud data warehouse accessible privately only, yes you could install Fort to allow the communication to your Qlik Sense Saas Tenant. If it is accessible publicly, then you should already be able to access it without Fort.

Q: How about viz extensions like Vizlib? Would they work on a Forts app?

A: We do have an issue with some of Vizlib extensions (example Vizlib Line chart). Our help limitation page should be updated soon to reflect that information


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