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Contractor Pricing

I hope this isn't inappropriate, what is the typical price range for a contractor in the U.S. who knows SQL and can develop Qlik Sense apps?

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Re: Contractor Pricing

Its will be varies depends on the consultant experience and his knowledge.

Please let me know if you have any projects so I will develop the Qliksense/Qlikview projects.

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Re: Contractor Pricing

That's no answer.


Re: Contractor Pricing

There is a price range as wide as the skill and experience range of developers available,

But there are some interesting threads here in the forum, e.g.

Hourly Rate for A Qlikview Developer

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Re: Contractor Pricing

I will recommend you to make small research on recruiting website like indeed(some offers are with salary) ,

check this Qlikview Developer Salary in United States | Indeed.com

Salary depends always on region (US is a huge country and salary are different in New York, Chicago and Huston or smaller cities), your skills and how well you can present them to your client,years of experience,  how much company can paid (not every company is shooting for a star some do not have big requirements or budget and are willing to hire somebody who is simply cheap and later hope for the best), how known your name is (sorry but self advertising is important, and attending some meetings and conferences are increasing your value - check qlikview meetings in your regions - i believe some developers can tel you their salaries in conversation face to face,Qlikview community it happens to me that somebody ask question and I answer this and later I found message on my linkedin account from this personSmiley Happy ) , if you are looking for permanent job or a contract (contracts are less stable but paid better) and most important depend on how much you ask for (in reasonable range)

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Re: Contractor Pricing

Varies from region to region from 90 - 175/hr.




Re: Contractor Pricing

Hi Dan,

I can share with you what I've seen from my experience working in the market for 14 years... In QlikView, like in many other disciplines, the principle "you get what you pay for", works with almost no exceptions. Cheaper resources are typically not as experienced, and are likely to get tangled in their underwear if they face a serious issue.

Having said that, you can find QlikView independent consultants anywhere between $75/hour and $125/hour, depending on the seniority. Anyone cheaper than that is likely a rookie, and anyone that asks for more than that, has to be a super-star.

Consultants from legitimate QlikView Partners, like my company Natural Synergies, would typically cost a little bit more. In my experience, I've seen rates in the range of $120-$180, depending on the seniority of the resource. Again, anyone who charges below that, needs to be checked for experience, and anyone charging above that, better be an expert caliber.

If you have a current need for a QlikView consultant, I'd be happy to connect with you directly and discuss how we could help.


Oleg Troyansky

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