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Currency Conversion

Dear all,

I have recently created a sheet (Qliksense Cloud) that shows Amount (of shares), Price (per share), Currency (separate column to the price/share), as well as Total value (Amount*Price).  Evidently, the "Total" is expressed as a number, in which the currency is displayed separately.  I.E, without the separate column displaying the relevant currency, you wouldn't know which currency it is expressed in. (reason for this is due to our reporting entity's requests).

As such, what are the possibilities for me to convert the "Total" to a specific currency. I've read about importing data conversion rate from URL's but I'm honestly not sure which is the most efficient way to do this.

NOTE: I'm very new to Qlik, no programming skills. I'm only confident in Excel. If you have an answer, please make it easy for me to understand 🙂 

Thanks 🙂