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Hi Guys , i'm new to qlikview

Recently i finished my masters in IT , currently working for a telecom company as a business development manager , now i want change my career in BI , is it worth of doing Qlikview , As i researched came to know that its BI tool for reporting purpose , will i be able to score a job by learning this , plz advice me

thanks in advance



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Re: Hi Guys , i'm new to qlikview

If you find in Qlikview/BI not only a new toll but also a fun and passion you have all the chances to get a good job

Qlikview is leader on BI market you are in place..Smiley Happy

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Re: Hi Guys , i'm new to qlikview

Hello Faizal,

I guess it depends on the country/company you'd work for/in. For Belgium for instance, I don't really see a huge demand for IT-specialists with these skills. I think the best way is to start postulating in the for yourself desired direction. If you feel after some interviews Qlikview can be an asset to learn in order to get the job, then you can still do the effort.

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