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Infostrada Sports Group is looking for Data specialist/-administrator

Data specialist/-administrator

At Infostrada Sports Group, located in the Netherlands, everything revolves around sports.

Results, goals and records of sports events ‘around the world’ are registered ‘as it happens’, ‘around the clock’, and delivered to our clients (broadcasting and other media companies, sports federations, organising committees of events) immediately that they take place.

To make all this possible we make use of several technologies. The driving force behind our applications and products is our sports database, which through the years has grown to become the biggest and most reliable sports database in the world.

Our IT department is continuously improving our complete operational process: the whole trajectory between when a goal is actually scored until the moment that a client can display it. Our Analytics department develops state-of-the-art products from the database using Business Intelligence tools: from various perspectives, the client can see what was special about the goal that was just scored.

We are looking for someone who can build a bridge between both departments:

Data specialist/-administrator

As a data specialist/-administrator you work on the dividing line between our sports database (MS SQL Server) and external Business Intelligence (BI) tools, like QlikView, RoamBI or Tableau. You are able to interpret data quickly and accurately, and to generate data sets intended for BI reports, through Transact-SQL queries. For a proper analysis of the data, besides a thorough knowledge of the database, a big affinity with sports is necessary.

You will be in direct contact with the Analytics department, in order to stay informed of the clients’ wishes and the progress made with the various applications. You will be responsible for the functional management of the BI tools, making sure that reliable data analysis for clients is guaranteed.

You have a broad IT knowledge, preferably formed by an education in that area at college or university level. You like working independently in an informal environment on projects, and you have some experience in working with BI tools. You quickly make new technologies your own by being flexible, showing initiative, and being eager to learn. You have no problems working evenings and weekends, to guide the operational process when most sports events are held.

Function requirements:

  • You have knowledge of and experience with MS SQL Server
  • Preferably, you are familiar with the Transact-SQL syntax
  • You have experience with complex databases and database environments
  • You have an affinity with sports
  • Preferably, you have some experience working with Business Intelligence tools (QlikView, RoamBI or Tableau)
  • You are communicative and socially skilled

Interested? Send an e-mail with your motivation and resume to hr@infostradasports.com