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Looking for a job in the area of BI, preferably QlikView, in Regensburg area


I've been some time now searching for a job opportunity of this kind in my area. I'm really passionate about QlikView - I have some years experience in BI_development, but comparably low_profile for reasons in the nature of the company I'm working for. I somewhat compare my current situation to the one I found myself in when I started out on my career working with MS Excel - I realized that all of my colleagues were using a few % of the actual capabilities of Excel. I feel that, despite my year-long experience in working with QlikView, what I do with it might come up to about 50% of what QlikView can do.

It seems that comparably few companies have internal resources to look after their BI needs, more specifically  BI with QlikView - there seem to be such jobs only in Munich or the other mayor cities in Bavaria? I would be very interested to learn about opportunities in this area near where I'm located - Obertraubling/ Regensburg.

I have a profile on stepstone and on XING.

I just read there is a Qlik_Community-like group on LinkedIn. Maybe I should consider joining that? I don't have LinkedIn just like I don't have Facebook or Whatsapp or whatnot, but well, one has to prioritize.

Maybe someone here can give me some advice on how to find my way there?

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,


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Re: Looking for a job in the area of BI, preferably QlikView, in Regensburg area

I will say create good LinkedIn profile and add you email address. 

Try to find Qlikview Partner http://www.qlik.com/us/partners/find-a-partner

maybe tehy will need somebody new in your area. There is a lot of remote jobs in UK so maybe try to find it in Germany.

Good Luck


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Re: Looking for a job in the area of BI, preferably QlikView, in Regensburg area

Hi anna,

well, now I have found something - not QlikView, but BI i n general and not in Regensburg, either.

It seems that area exists only in Consulting_agencies, no company builds up internal resources for "Business Intelligence", very few companies have the word "QlikView" in their job postings (I am looking mainly on stepstone and on XING) and there is near nothing like that in the Regensburg area - when you have a family, the German job market is really difficult - if you're not willing to relocate or leave home early and come home very late, that is ...

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