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Qlik Sense Developer

We are an analytics startup that is looking for a Qlik Sense Developer. Out company is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil but we can hire people from other cities/countries in a home-office system.

The person must be an expert in use of APIs, Maps and Integrate a large volume of data (>20Gb).

Tks a lot

Paulo Angerami

+ 55 11 985181552


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Is this project available till now. I can support from home(Kolkata, India).

Please et me know.

Rgds - Rejaul

+91 9051558209

Best Regards, Rejaul Islam, +91 9051558209, Kolkata(India)

Hello Rejaul,

My name is Guilherme and I work with Paulo and I will be handling the contact for the Qlik Developer position.

First of all we would like to ask some questions to you:

1 - Do you have experience in improving load times and refining the load process itself? We have some matched bases and each one of them have millions of lines, which makes the loading and filtering process very slow, being a bothersome experience to our clients and we would like to improve it.

2 - How much do you charge your hourly rate?

Best Regards,
Guilherme Bertholdo


Thanks Guilherme.

Pleasefindtheanswer below

1. Yes I having a good experience in tuning which includes improving load times and refining the load process. Also will make sure the standard coding.

2. Hourly rate is $10.


I have more than nine  years of experience , I have specialized in developing and implementing fast solutions for information managers, using QlikView and Qlik Sense business intelligence software. I develop fully customized solutions based on clients’ needs.


My clients often need assistance in the following areas:

 Full Qlik development support

 Data modeling

 Dashboards

 NPrinting Reporting

 Multiproject development using tracking software

 Installation, management, and administration of QlikView, Qlik Sense and NPrinting servers Client

 SQL scripts development

 Full ETL based on Qlik capabilities

Note: You contact me in below skype

skype: islam.rejaul@gmail.com



Regards - Rejaul

Best Regards, Rejaul Islam, +91 9051558209, Kolkata(India)
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