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QlikView Developer - San Francisco

We're looking for a hotshot QV developer that can help a small team develop a pretty innovative application.  This would be a P/T consulting gig in the Financial District.  Would like to have someone who can spend at least some of their time onsite and and be open to doing the rest of the work remotely (we have room here if you want to camp out as well). 

We already have the tools and licenses that you'd need - the server is up and running, the databases are full and spinning and the users are waiting to get this off of PowerPoint and into their hands.  The team who you would be working with are not QV rookies but they actually are paid to do something else and want to expand the group to include someone in this slot.

In this job style also counts - that's why we've gone with QV.  So we are looking for someone with not only the technical skills to develop the apps, but also the eye of a designer to make them look great wrapped into an analyst who can reccomend possibly better ways to display the data.

Does this sound like you?  Are you dying for a job that will bring you closer to the food trucks in the Financial District?  If you are a dead ringer for this then please reach out to me and we'll get together to discuss.




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