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Strong QV developer needed for NY investment bank

It's all about the fit!  We are looking for a strong QV contractor to join our client's global QV team.  Currently, the development lead is out of London and we need similar resource across the Pond based in NY/NJ

Two most important attributes:

  1. Passion for QV.  If this tool and seeing what you can do with it doesn't excite you then you're probably not for us.
  2. Doing things right, not necessarily fastest.  I'm all for tactical solutions, but wherever possible the time must be taken do develop in the right way and you'll need to have the strength of character to push back on this.

If you have been active on this community you will have a distinct advantage but even if you haven't, please get in touch if you are interested.

Starting asap.  Please contact me with CV at jmichaelides@calibrateconsulting.com or ask any further questions here.

Speak to you soon!


PS - we are not a recruitment agency. We are a bespoke consulting firm and I am currently in this team!