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New to the Community? Start here!

Community Manager
Community Manager

New to the Community? Start here!

 Hi. Welcome to our brand new Qlik Community!  We are happy you are here. 

To ease you into the new space we have prepared a list of things you can do to get started.  We hope you find this helpful.

  1. Logging into the Qlik Community
  2. View and update your profile
  3. Update your personal information
  4. Manage your email preferences
  5. How to Ask a New Question in the Community
  6. How to subscribe to content
  7. How to update your notification settings
  8. Sending a private message to other Community members
  9. Update private messenger settings
  10. Upload a new avatar
  11. Set your time zone preferences
  12. Translating languages in the Qlik Community


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New Contributor


Dokumente zu erklären, wie Qlik Gemeinschaft und ihre Funktionen nicht nutzen.

(for: Documents explaining how to use Qlik Community and its features.)

This german translation is totally wrong and complete bull**bleep**. These machine translations are just worthless. I would recommend to stop this.

New Contributor

I used to have some discussion bookmarks in chrome, now they don't redirects me to the same pages.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@pankaj_kaundal1992 - Yes, that is correct unfortunately. Bookmarks from the old Community does not work anymore as they disappeared in the migration over to the new Qlik Community. 

Best regards


New Contributor

What about bookmarks we have saved in our user profile??

I cannot see them anymore, this is very bad, is their a way to recover them?

New Contributor
@Mattias: this is very, very sad news that you were not able to redirect old threats to new urls. The same applies to google search results - when you click on link you get 'page not found' - very frustrating.
New Contributor

Has anyone been able to see old discussions after this new update? Even when I copy subject from google search results, community search results show nothing. Can't see my own posts .

Community Manager
Community Manager

Redirects is something that we are working on as a priority!  Hang in there as we work thru the issue with the vendor.  thank you so much!

Community Manager
Community Manager

@piaskun79 - Sorry, I think I was a bit unclear in my post. 

Bookmarks that you had saved in the old Community itself (in the actual Community) are not available any more. 

But bookmarks that you have on your computer and/or in your browser that leads to the old community are now redirecting you to the correlating thread/topic on this new Community. So that IS working (if you encounter links that do not work, please let me know). 

Sorry if I gave you a scare!

All the best



New Contributor

@Mattias_Malré- fortunately I understood your first post as you intent to Smiley Happy

Regarding to bookmarks saved in my browser. Most of them don't work. I land on 'error404page'.
For example:

Some of them are redirecting:

Looks like in my case 'docs' sites are redirected, rest of them not.

I have checked google search results today. And it looks better than yesterday Smiley Happy - some pages are opening, some shows 'error404' and some shows info about undergoing maintenance.


Community Manager
Community Manager

@piaskun79 - Yes, I was actually alerted that we're not completely out of the woods just yet. 

I will take your example-links and use to test the fix with the vendor. 
I'll let you know when this are fully operational!

...and just to be clear. The material from the links are here on the new community. It's just the re-routing that isn't fully operational yet. 

So for example, your first link is here

But yes. Re-routing should be automatic of course.  


Thank you for your patience!


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