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Optional Tasks Prior to Migration

Community Manager
Community Manager

Optional Tasks Prior to Migration

As we prepare for the Community migration this weekend it would be good for you to save / back up some of your content. 

We suggest the following:

· Take Screen shots of your Profile, Bookmarks, and Connections

· Save any 'Draft' content

Profile Page

· Select your Profile page by clicking on your name by your avatar (top right).

· Take screen shots of your information and anything else you want to check after the migration.

If you desire, you can take a screenshot of your friends list as this will not carry over during migration.  Creating connections in the new platform is simple yet is a new action you will need to take (directions  on how to connect with friends are published in community 'help" section of the new space)


When a post is bookmarked in the current environment it will appear in your profile.  Go to your Profile Page | More | Bookmarks.


We suggest you

  • Go through your Bookmarks, copy the URLs, and save them as Browser Bookmark or save them in a spreadsheet.
  • During the migration, we will create redirects from the old URLs to the new URL’s
  • After launch you can take URLs from where you saved them and paste them into your browser address bar.
  • Once you are on the new URL you can either update your Browser Bookmarks/Excel list to the new URL -or- use the Bookmark or Subscribe options on the new community page for that piece of content.
  • Your Bookmarks will appear in new platform under "My Settings" /  Subscriptions & Notifications.

Draft Content

  • Check to see if you have anything in 'Draft' status and save it offline.  Draft content is not migrating over.

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Hi Melissa,

Thanks for the tips.

You mention that you will be creating redirects from old URLs to new ones. Is this going to be a permanent solution, or is it advisable to update inbound links to point to the new content locations? I've got more than a few links into the Community from my site.


Search engines will yield out of date url's for years too. It could get hard to find stuff back.

Community Manager
Community Manager

I am inquiring with Lithium team..

Community Manager
Community Manager

Steve, I'm told they are permanent


That's excellent.  Thank you.

New Contributor

Hello, it's to late for my Bokkmarks...

How can I recover my bookmarks now?

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