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Qlik Community - What's Different!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Qlik Community - What's Different!

 A simple guide to the NEW Qlik Community.  

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Valued Contributor III

There we go!

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Einfach nur schlecht

Contributor II

How to access the old community pages?

when we're trying to access the older community discussions, it's giving an error.

New Contributor
Hi, do you plan to redirect old urls to new ones? I have some bookmarks and now they just don't work Smiley Sad The same thing is with google search results. They point to old urls... It's probably good, that you have changed the engine, but now I can't find information.
Valued Contributor

Hi we really need a redirect for old urls. Every helpfull link to a other thread is dead.

Valued Contributor II

What a pity that members points have disappeared Smiley Sad

Community Manager
Community Manager

on the matter of redirects - yes, this is a problem and we are working to get this resolved soon as possible. We hear you loud and clear.

also.. --> https://community.qlik.com/t5/Qlik-Community-Help-Discussions/Please-note-Google-indexing-and-Bookma... 

on points,  lithium uses an algorithm-based ranking system instead of a points system.  However, we know the community will have questions about this, please stay close to the community for more information and announcements.  


I'm not sure that I like this new Lithium based site, it seems to be a lot less intuitive and more difficult to find relevant information. To me it seems to be a lot more jumbled like that mess which is Facebook.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you for taking the time to write and provide feedback, we do take it seriously. This platform is quite a change no doubt (for us too!) and on top of that we added a large change to look and feel.   I would like to ask that you spend more time navigating around the community.  Then I would like you to send me more feedback on what you think works or does not work.  You can post here or send me a private message or I am willing to even do a phone call or you can email me directly.   I am perfectly OK to hear the good and the bad - this is how we get better.   I am grateful you took even a moment to write in and look forward to continue to work together in this regard. 

All the best, Melissa

Valued Contributor II

Thanks for your reply Melissa. I think another point is the number of topic that we can see per page.

On Lithium it's only ten, i think on Jive it was more twenty or twenty five.  To my mind, ten is not enough.


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