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Types of Qlik Community Contributors

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Types of Qlik Community Contributors

Masters - They are competitive in the Qlik technologies and want to use the Qlik community to channelize their learning’s. The Masters usually have more than 10,000 hours of hands on experience under their belt. The Master would like to spend any free time they get answering to questions posted on the community. Answering to questions in the community is something effortless and gives them a sense of Happiness. At every answer of theirs that is marked helpful or correct would bring them a smile. Besides the community the master would have a lot of friends in his network who work on Qlik technologies, have a twitter handle. The Master would sometimes have a famous blog,  where they would look at comments and refine their ideas. They would have a huge set of examples on their local PC, bookmarks, Whitepapers, Books on the Shelf/Kindle. They would attend webinars, Events, underground meetings with fellow community members. The Master would regularly participate on the Qlik Community at all times.

Dabblers - They are also possibly competitive in the Qlik Technologies. They would approach the Qlik community with high enthusiasm and then answer to the questions. They would be overjoyed when the answers are marked as helpful or correct. With time his enthusiasm wanes and the participation decreases. After some days they would Stop participating in total. They start feeling that it’s not their cup of tea. The Dabbler will again make a comeback one day, and then the same cycle would continue. Needless to say that the Dabblers have a probability of becoming a Master. The Dabblers could also be highly skilled in the Qlik Technologies. They would sometimes come to the Community to look for potential candidates for recruitment.

Hackers - They are medium in their competency in Qlik Technologies. They would approach the Qlik Community to mostly get noticed. They would sometimes post an answer after the questions are already answered. They would provide links to existing posts that could be helpful as answers. Sometimes they would get lucky by giving Correct answers. They can have more than one ID on the community. They would use one ID for the regular postings that is known to their friends and the other one to get an answer to a simple question. The Hacker would have spent less time on technology and would have less depth than the Dabbler and the Master. Sometimes their

Close friends would have marked their answers as correct or Helpful.

Newbie’s - They are mostly new to the Qlik Technologies. They would join the community to learn about the technology. Every single question they have would be posted on the community and they would hope, pray, wait patiently for the answers. They would usually not mark an answer as correct or helpful. Once the answer is got, they would post the next questions. Sometimes they would post their work assignments as an attachment and would like them to be completed by community members. They could be too demanding at times. They would be regular users of the community till they reach a certain stage where they would have learnt, at a point they would start to answer questions and could next move to any of the other types i.e. Hackers, Dabblers, Masters

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Very well observed and written.  You have nailed it. -

A Dabbler.

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