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Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist

Certification program for non-Partners

The subject of certification shows up in forums from time to time, so, I know that at the moment it is available only for QlikView Partners. No need to tell me 🙂

However, I think this situation might be somewhat common: somebody is working directly for a client, and in the course of QlikView adoption in the company becomes something of a resident QlikView specialist. Some sort of official certification recognized/provided by QlikTech could be quite beneficial for professionals in this situation, and could also strenghten the positive perception of QlikView in the company.

So, what do you all think? Could QlikView benefit from opening the certification program to all interested developers? If somebody from QlikView team could share some thoughts/rumors regarding the future of certification program, that would be great too! (of course I'm not expecting official statements here 😉 )

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Hey, I like the idea too.

I really would like to get sertificated, as I work for a company, and I develop some applications for them, including QV, so it will be great if some of my coleges and I could get certified.

Hope they will open it some day.

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I've just been on the phone with QlikTech Sweden and told that they - QT - does not have capacity (meaning: people) to certify non-partners... as of now. Surely, certification process is a profitable activity so there only must be demand created and supply will come.

Among 600k users (Mar '12) there'll be enough to support the idea so interested readers please sign up - they will eventually see us 🙂

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Where do we have to sigh up? or u mean just post here? or just register in here?!?!

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Contributor III
Contributor III

Yes.  Good discussion thread.  Actually I too looking for this since I am with Qlikview from version 4.5.  I am not certified yet but interested.  Share any good news on the certification for non-partners...

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I hope they open up certification to non-partners.  I've been through their Developer 11 training at their Radnor why not let me get certified???

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Hi Georgercline, can you please email me at, would like to discuss about the developer training. Thank You.

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Agreed, Now a days almost all clients are looking for resources with QV training and certification. People who work like contractors and stuff should get a fair chance to write certifications. In a way it encourages more people to learn qlikview.

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Hi All,

QlikView certification is been available on,

There 2 types Certifications ( Developer, Designer ) are available,

YOU DON'T NEED ANY PARTNERSHIP to get certified, All you need to pay $250/exam and prepare for the exam!