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Filter that does not change the data

Goodmorning everyone

I wanted to know if and how to set in a SetAnalysis formula the condition of not considering the selection of some fields

I'll explain.

this is my formula
sum ({$ <CodeBudget] = {'00005', '00015'}>} [Budget])

I have a client code filter that if I select varies the Budget
I would like to make sure that the text box with the budget remained sent to the customer code selection instead

I can not insert 1 instead of $ because, for other selections on other fields, however, the budget data must vary

I tried to insert the forcing into the SetAnalisys formula

sum ({$ <[Budget Code] = {'00005', '00015'}, [Customer Code] =>} [Budget])
sum ({$ <Budget Code] - = {'00005', '00015'}, [Customer Code] = {'*'}>} [Budget])

but so I select all the budget to customers while there is a budget that has no associated customer

what I should do is not to consider the selection on the Customer Code filter

in practice what I would like to do is the behavior of the operator 1 on set analysis but only for some fields and not for all

Thank you all


1 Reply

This is the proper way to ignore selections in specific fields:
sum ({$ <[Budget Code] = {'00005', '00015'}, [Customer Code] =>} [Budget])

Can you explain with an example what's happening that this isn't working how you'd like?