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Community Manager

High Five - August 2023, Rafael Martins


 Goodbye, July, and a big hello to August! For those in the US, August is like the Sunday of Summer. Some people are sad, some are looking forward to cooler weather, and some are ready for the holiday season…

This month we are recognizing another rising star in the Qlik Community. He has earned 31 badges so far. With over 300 posts, almost 100 of those marked as an accepted solution, he always acknowledges others by giving likes and has received many likes in return. Please meet Qlik Community, Creator II (and moving up the ranks!) Rafael Martins, otherwise known in the Community as RafaMartins.

Rafael started his journey with Qlik in 2018 when he realized the Qlik Community was beneficial as a source of knowledge. The support he received from the members was what he needed to push to learn more about the Qlik universe. Today Rafael seeks to repay the support he got at the beginning of his journey by distributing the knowledge Rafael acquired along the way. Rafael said that Qlik's work providing an environment where knowledge can be shared is very important, so everyone can successfully use Qlik products.

Let's show our rising star, RafaMartins, how much we appreciate his contributions and knowledge sharing in the Qlik Community by hitting that like button and leaving a comment. Thank you RafaMartins, for all you do in the Qlik Community. @RafaMartins @Melissa_Potvin @Jamie_Gregory @nicole_ulloa 

Sue Macaluso
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Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you for your contributions, @RafaMartins!

Help users find answers! Don't forget to mark a correct resolution 🙂
Partner Ambassador/MVP
Partner Ambassador/MVP

I work with Rafael and I couldn't be more proud. Congratulations.
Partner Ambassador
Partner Ambassador

Congrats!! 🤗

Qliker since 2012
Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

Congratulations on the recognition!!


Congratulations coworker!👏

Contributor III
Contributor III

Congratulations Rafael! It`s inspiring 🚀


Congratulations Rafael for the recognition 👏

Did you find a solution to your question? Mark the solution as accepted and if you found it useful, press the like button!
Contributor II
Contributor II

Congrats my friend! im happy for you.


I'm proud of you @RafaMartins . It's pleasure have you as a coworker. 🚀🤙💻


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