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High Five - January 2022, Massimo Grossi


 So here we are, 2022! Happy New Year to all. This year, we hope to put the pandemic behind us, and may all your wishes come true. But one thing will stay the same…featuring an outstanding Qlik Community member each month!

This featured member is a well-known leader in the Community, having nearly 8k posts and providing 1.5k solutions, always giving credit when it's due, and receiving countless likes. In addition, he is a Qlik Community MVP and a valued Qlik Partner. It is with great pleasure to introduce Massimo Grossi, AKA maxgro.

Massimo told us that it was 2009 when he heard about Qlik. His company was looking for a business intelligence tool. He had been working in the information technology sector for many years and was a database administrator at the time. When he heard about QlikView and its in-memory associative engine, he was intrigued and wondered how this revolutionary technology (he used SQL) could work by associating tables in memory using field names. He decided to give Qlik a try, and he liked it! After more than 10 years, he is still using QlikView (and Qlik Sense) for his company and projects in other companies.

During his early days in the Qlik Community, Massimo would seek solutions but rarely answered any questions. When he knew more about QlikView, he began to actively contribute. Massimo realized that answering questions was a way to test himself, extend his knowledge, and discover solutions with other members. He remembers the satisfaction that he feels when he receives a thank you. Massimo’s initial Community "heroes" were Stefan Wühl @swuehl , John Witherspoon @johnw , @Miguel_Angel_Baeyens ,@ ,Rob Wunderlich@, @, @, @ , @.

Massimo earned a degree in Electronic Engineering at the Politecnico of Milan. He has worked in IT for many years, starting as a developer in C and ERP on Unix minicomputer with IBM DUMB Monochrome Terminals (who knows them today?). Massimo lives in Milan, Italy, with his wife and sons. He likes to listen to music and go hiking in the mountains.

Let's give Massimo a high-five to show him how much we appreciate his leadership and contributions in the Qlik Community by hitting the like button and leaving a comment. 

@maxgro @Jamie_Gregory @Melissa_Potvin 


Sue Macaluso
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Congratulations !! @maxgro 

And happy new year to ALL  🙂



Hope this resolve your issue.
If the issue is solved please mark the answer with Accept as Solution & like it.
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Community Manager
Community Manager


Help users find answers! Don't forget to mark a correct resolution 🙂


Taoufiq ZARRA

"Please LIKE posts and "Accept as Solution" if the provided solution is helpful "

(you can mark up to 3 "solutions") 😉
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Thank you so much for your dedication and enthusiasm for Qlik Massimo. Congratulations!!


Congratulations @maxgro and thank  you for your contributions!!

and Happy New Year to all!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Can we all just say "Rockstar!" -    Thank you @maxgro !!
You are very much appreciated. 


A massive congratulations @maxgro! Keep up the great work!


Thank you for your contributions @maxgro !