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Community Manager
Community Manager

High Five - July 2022, Andre Sostizzo

Can you believe we are halfway through 2022? We couldn’t let the year slip by any further without featuring someone that is an extension of our small but mighty Qlik Community team. He is someone we lean on heavily to help with moderation and to train our moderators. We can also count on him to help with major (and tedious) cleanup efforts. Please meet our Featured Member for the month of July, Andre Sostizzo!

Andre has been with Qlik for 5 years, and provided Qlik product support for the first 3 years. He found a place where Support work can be driven by knowledge dissemination in the digital space. Helping clients move forwards with using our products is a big drive for him. He feels privileged to have been able to help lead the effort of increasing Community participation at Qlik for the past couple of years!

Andre lives with his family in Raleigh, NC and has three wonderful kids. In his spare time some of the things he enjoys are rock climbing, going on bike trails, skiing, going to the beach, and watching movies.

Thank you, Andre, for all your hard work with Community moderation and always willing to lend a helping hand! We wouldn’t be where we are without you!

Let’s show our appreciation for Andre and give him a “High Five” by leaving a COMMENT and a LIKE! @Andre_Sostizzo  @Melissa_Potvin @Jamie_Gregory @nicole_ulloa @emmaspickerman @PatrickQ 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for all your help! Really appreciate it(:

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Andre_Sostizzo @PatrickQ You rock Andre! Thank you and congratulations! 

Sue Macaluso
Partner Ambassador/MVP
Partner Ambassador/MVP

Congratulations @Andre_Sostizzo !


High Five @Andre_Sostizzo !

Thanks & Regards, Mayil Vahanan R
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Congratulations Andre!

Digital Support
Digital Support

Congrats Andre!Congrats Andre!


Congratulations @Andre_Sostizzo

Taoufiq ZARRA

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